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NSW MCC of NSW, new Delegate/s needed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Currently netrider has two delegates, myself and Motoplast, who's much better known as Tex, Bundy's chauffeur

    I am resigning, and Tex doesn't get to too many meetings, but is already very well known in the industry, and am fairly confident he'd be happy for someone else more active on netrider to take his spot - have lost his number, but knowing Tex, he just gets on with it.

    Anyone wishing to put their hand up, should try and attend Monday night's meeting, see what the MCC is all about and look towards contributing something moving forward.


    Ideally, after Monday's meeting, nominees should be put up. MCC Constitution allows for three Delegates, although only two can vote. So if more than three nominate, then a vote needs to be held - a Poll would be fine. The thread/s would need to be taken to next MCC meeting

    I have some email replies regarding CTP, so will forward these to the next Delegate

    Feel free to email me on alex@hothomeloans.com.au for any other questions

    Regards Alex
  2. thinking about it.
  3. LOL please dont iblast, there is a reason why u call yourself a shit stirer, and if netrider has a delegate that sets about stiring shit, it reflects badly on netrider as a whole.

    i nominate both lilley, and darkhorse, lilley has a knack for writing letters to members of parliment, and that skill is pretty handy to have in an organization like netrider and also the MCC of NSW, darkhorse also gets my nomination as he always is sticking up for them,

    these two candidates have the interests of both netrider and motorcyclists in general to heart, iblast on the other hand just seeks to stir shit, and not advance the interests of riders generally. Criticisms are needed, however, some are directed at the wrong places, and iblast usually crosses that line
  4. I'm real happy for you Sunite, and Imma let ya'll finish, but 'shit stirring' is spelt with two Rs, not one.
  5. Not according to iblast ( :p ) its not.

    hey phil
    firstly, thanks for your support, and I might have thought about doing it if I could make the meetings regularly, but I really can't unless its in hols and its not in hols very often.

    secondly, I dont think I've noticed anyone more helpful than ibast in the garage section.

    lastly, what days you free to go riding?

    toecutter, until you do bow out, please keep us updated on the meetings and what goes down. cheers.
  6. I do take offense to that. My opinion with regards to the changes that need to be made by governments towards motorcyclists does wholeheartedly have the interests of motorcyclists in mind.

    I go against the grain on many topics, but I don't go against what is best for motorcyclists.
  7. Yes, I often get the mysterious L
  8. Thanks for the thought Phil, and I might have considered it, but as of December I'm going to be touring around the country with work, so will be interstate until September next year.

    For the record I stick up for the MCC because 1) they're about all we've got, and 2) nothing sh1ts me more than people who criticise or attack people who are at least making an effort while they sit back and do nothing. Constructive discussion is one thing, cheap shots from the anonymity of the web are another.

    Anyhoo, I for one would be perfectly happy if ibast decided to put his hand up.
  9. would love to, just don't know where i'd find the time unless i was to quit this job and find something less demanding.
  10. On behalf of myself and the MCC of NSW, I would like to thank Alex for his many contributions and note that he will be a loss to our organisation. Alex has always had something to contribute and his shoes will be hard to fill. I look forward to meeting the new delegate/s at the next meeting/s.
  11. The site is still listing the next meeting as 5th of July.

    Is there a meeting tonight?