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MCC of NSW meeting minutes and discussion

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Toecutter, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. After each meeting, will update with discussion points.

    From meeting held Monday 7th July

    Tex (Motoplast) has been spending some time battling the bureaucrats in regards to the animals on tanks issue. As many are aware Tex and Bundy have travelled many miles together and apart from getting a VRod or other such bike that doesn’t carry its petrol in a traditional tank to cart Bundy around on, Tex and Jenny are pushing forward dealing with the Government

    Past meetings had highlighted some discrepancy regarding an insurance PDS and that “any alcohol†in system could result in a claim being denied. This has been clarified, as being OK, but as yet PDS have not yet been updated to reflect changes.

    On Sunday 27th July at Road Warriors, there will be helmet fitting checks carried out. Some help would be appreciated ensuring that as many riders as possible get their helmets checked.

    Whilst still on helmets, anyone have a helmet that suffered damage in a crash that you would be willing to part with, send a PM and will get details to you of how this can be assessed, or take it along to the Road Warriors test - you will not get it back. As you’d be aware there are various testing standards, from the rigorous Snell through to the more flexible European standard – the Aussie and Asian standards are in the middle

    The week before Bathurst car race, also require some volunteers to mark out campsites and other duties (major fundraising for MCC). If keen to help, there is a token daily meal payment, plus pretty sure you get access to the races as well, so please PM and I will forward on the details.

    Front number plates – with thanks to BikeBiz, they went through the top 500 selling models (or ¾’s of all bikes sold) and 66% of those would need a custom bracket. Early estimates work out at a cost between $150 and $600. Plus going to be hard to get any manufacturer to guarantee their bracket against injury, when a child gets sliced up by a plate/backet that were removed 25 years ago for that very reason.

    Motorcycle Awareness week (last year was end of October), plans underway, and more to follow next meeting.

    Brief comment made on the Melbourne protest ride, rather than trying to get across half a dozen issues, trying to aim at “one issue†and consensus was that “riders are not included in any planning†– be it safety, roads and even so far as Tex and Bundy’s latest battle.

    Final comments was that in the last year – Pedestrians and Cyclists got around $12mill each for their various campaigns, whereas the last few years motorcyclists have received only around $3million in total

    Cheers Alex
  2. Has there been any discussions on the new road rules? I'm thinking of the age limit on pillions and the possibility of pressing the government to have motorcycle boxes, instead (as well as?) of cycle boxes.
  3. Of course, to use cycle boxes we'd have to press them on a switch to UK-style filtering laws (<25kph).

    And on the possibility of an all-leather cow interior! And BIG BROWN BABY SEAL EYES FOR HEADLIGHTS. :twisted:
  4. So what age would you recommend?

    Good idea, although don't like the chances, just like "cycle lanes"
  5. None. It's up to parents not government official to decide what's good for their kids

    Yep, but we've got to start the process somewhere. Starting a negotiation process by assuming you are not going to get even a small win, will only guarantee failure.
  6. Now thats almost poetic! And so, so true!
  7. There doesn't need to be an age limit...
    There are laws already in place requiring pillions to be able to have their feet on the footpegs. So, young children are already excluded....
  8. Apologies for no updates sooner, but will do a double from last two meetings.

    Firstly, the Pillion issue. The old Rule 271 was better and MCC have asked for a review. The previous law stated legs bent and able to hold onto rider.

    Also advised MCC recommended the following in regards to cycle ways; maximum speed of 30kmh and to give way to bicycles already in the lane. So something many already do, but wanting to get it officially passed

    There is apparently only one "box" for cyclists at Pyrmont so not a major concern.

    The Sydney City Council parking strategy has been initially passed and is currently udner an exhibition and referral stage. Separate post requesting feedback for anyone who parks in the city here

    Once we get one council on side, the aim is to push forward with other councils and obtain dedicated parking for motorcycles

    MCC also contributing to a review into Green Slip prices, curently only threshold is under 300cc.

    Front number plates not quite dead yet, thanks to Vic Toll collectors continuing to push. If it can be killed off Federally, then the states would have to follow.

    New eTag specifically for motorcycles is available. Slightly smaller and magnetic pouch (works very well if your bike has steel tank) or the armband option which is not recommended due to potential injury. Although still advised to leave tag at home, if not having to ride through any of the boom gate exits

    Pink Ribbon Ride from Hornsby Sunday 19th October also will post a separate Calendar Entry about that

    Next meeting 13th October
  9. The toll collectors can't give a stuff about FNPs. EastLink photograph from the rear already and CityLink have had the ability to photograph from the rear for several years.

    It;s the states that kill off the idea of FNPs. It needs to go to the ATC (made up of state representatives). In order to pass it needs to be agreed to by all the states.

    The state pushing hardest for FNPs isn't Victoria - while they put their hand up to do the feasibility study through to the Regulatory Impact Statement they aren't the prime movers in pushing for it - it's the NSW Minister and the RTA who really want it.
  10. mmm interesting. re the Vics - was told it had been brought up in Cycle Torque.

    Thanks for the clarification
  11. That hoary old myth about the toll roads has been around for years.

    As for the other, at the motorcycle safety summit it was the RTA people who stood up and argued that they were necessary. Martin Pakula MLC (Parliamentary Secretary for Transport in Victoria) has been arguing very hard against them on our behalf. Martin in fact is one of the strongest Powered Two Wheeler supporters in the Victorian parliament and according to the Minister is getting in his ear at every opportunity. :LOL: