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MCC of NSW - is there a change coming???

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Toecutter, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Firstly apologies for not keeping the Forum up to date concerning the NSW Motorcycle Council

    I pretty much gave up after going to the first few meetings this year, and they were being overtaken by the Bikie Laws.

    Plus some changes at work took time away, however, attended the last meeting and our long standing and very passionate Chairman Guy Stanford is standing down. Also vice president Cliff. Guy will still be there in an advisory role, and has a few projects to finish.

    So our next AGM to be held on Monday 7th December will be one with either a whole new guard with fresh ideas, or a continuance on with the constant battles with bureaucracy.

    BTW, you're all invited to the meeting - 7.30pm Ryde ex services Club

    I have a few ideas I'd like netrider members to advise on - simple "yes", "no" and also all feedback welcome

    1 - That you'd be happy to have your email address provided to MCC, so that they could send you out monthly updates. At the moment the minutes are snail mailed out to each delegate. Last time I queried "Why" was told that there is sensitive information there??? So how do I update my members??

    2 - Support that minutes, updates and needs for any assistance are regularly distributed, again via email

    That's my two main goals

    The next two are more long term, but again be appreciated if you could provide feedback.

    3 - an annual subscription fee. Let's just say it's $20. Would like to think that a committee could work on member discounts of many times that. But more importantly, it shows the Govt that we have, say, 10,000 riders who are keen to show support to the MCC. And MCC could then move forward with PR to rival that of cyclists and pedestrians. IMHO, scooters are our best friend - there are plenty of young adults getting onto a scooter - instead of worrying about what they wear, remember that they's also riding on two wheels and are going to have the same issues any motorcyclist has

    4 - Finally I have an outline about VMAC. In NSW we have no similar structrue that has various representative bodies on it that we can deal directly with Government on. My recommendation to the delegate email list recieved two negative comments, but will again put this forward at the AGM after addressing their concerns after consultation with VMAC delegates.

    We literally stand alone on our concerns, and bombard Govt Ministers with letters. The pedestrians and cyclists get plenty of cash from Govt, yet motorcyclists are far behind.

    VMAC have the following representatives;

    There is a permanent Chairman, appointed by the Minister Tim Pallas and representatives from the following organisations:

    Transport Accident Commission TAC

    Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce

    Monash University Accident Research Centre

    Vicroads (the lead agency) (2 representatives)

    Victorian Motorcycle Council

    Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries

    Australian Rider Trainers Association

    Womens International Motorcycle Association

    Victoria Police

    Royal Automobile Club of Victoria


    Australian Scooter Federation

    Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria (previously, and inaccurately, known as MRAA)


    National Committee representative from the Ulysses Club.

    Cameron Cuthill also attends as an independent, he's GM BMW Motor-rad

    Thanks for reading, and any questions please advise

    Cheers Alex
  2. Was going to join the mcc or something similar, didn't know it wasn't open to individuals.
    Your proposals all sound like yes to me though,
    (1&2) sending emails sounds so much easier and faster, especially with governments making rules on the fly in no time nowadays.
    (3) though it's not open to individuals, i don't think kicking $20 a year towards a organisation fighting for our needs and rights will bankrupt anyone willing to help, i'd certainly pay it
    (4) Getting something set up that the governemnt has representatives on and industry bodies as well and they may take notice of can't hurt, if the mcc can get the others on board i can see only positives,
    Providing though it is open and accountable, not stifled by governments and there obsessive secrecy requirements
  3. Technically it's not - although anyone can attend meetings

    At the moment, each Club has two delegates/votes - with voting rarely happening

    Please note that MCC would probably only get one or two seats (via another membership group) at something like this.
  4. Yep they wouldn't control the process in a VMAC type situation , but i would hope they would be able to deliver news freely, just because of the damage i see being done in these forums on the victorian motorcycling bodies, i'm sure they are working hard and trying but there seems to be a constant battle between them and forum members for any information to be released on their plans and vmacs plans, they seem to be only able to state "that big things are planned", frustrating people and damaging their reputation. but if they release information they probably would be damaged in the vmac rooms and it becomes a no win situation. just a fear of mine when engaging in the political sides of lobbying
  5. So over 100 views and just one supporter....please note, AM NOT ASKING FOR ANY MONEY ](*,)

    So is the roaring silence support or not on the first two points....as we are not a formal "Club" this thread is essentially the "motion".....
  6. Cannot attend tomorrow evening

    Anyone want to go as proxy?

    Tex is netrider's other representative, and have not seen him at a meeting for sometime

    Feel free to PM or post up if interested
  7. I'll be there anyway, TC.

    I'll chuck a summary of notes up in this thread when I get home.
  8. Be careful and don't let them (government) load any organisation they do set up. The riders on VMAC now outnumber the non-riders. What you could end up with is a group with representation from all and sundry; RTA, insurance, NRMA etc. etc. and about two actual riders.

    You also need to make sure government representation is at a sufficently senior level. Once the VicPol VMAC representation moved from an Inspector to an Assistant Commissioner we did a lot better.

    That's 12 active riders.
  9. Sorry Alex, I didn't wind up making it.

    Work ran late :(
  10. There's no meeting in January, although should be there for Feb

    That's great Tony

    Thanks for the input