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MCC NSW Helmet Study

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zeddicus, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Had a look around and have not seen a similar announcement so here goes. Via Zebee Johnstone on aus.motorcycles:

    "There hasn't been a review of helmet standards since AS1698. The MCC
    has asked why someone can't wear a European or US standard helmet here
    for example.

    So a study into helmets and fit and what works has been commissioned.
    It is in 2 parts, one looking at helmets that are worn and one into
    helmets that have done their job and saved a life.

    The 1st part will be where a group of researchers will go to various
    road and dirt rider hangouts and look at helmets on heads. How comfort
    translates into safe fit. They figure that if you bought the thing it
    must be comfortable for you, so they want to see how helmet shapes and
    sizes and comfort compares to head shape and size and if the helmet can
    twist or move. They are going to look at your size and shape and measure
    the head in various ways and so on. So if you see the MCC stall bring
    your lid over and get tested.

    The 2nd part is about lids that have worked. They are looking for
    helmets that have been in crashes, that got hit, and the rider lived
    to tell the tale. They want to take the helmet to bits and inspect it
    (it will be sliced up so you won't get it back) and talk to the rider
    about the crash and injuries if any. So if you threw it away and
    headbutted something they want to talk to you. Contact via