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MCAS Parramatta Parking

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Rokster, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Hi there all,

    Anyone care to give some comments on where to park when visiting MCAS in Parramatta ?

    I've not been that way before and don't have heaps of time to ride around to find parking.

    Thanks in advance
  2. You have a few choices. You can park right out front on the road, or you can park on the footpath around the corner, or you can brave the dirt and park in their official parking area, behind the shop.
  3. Yeah there is always a place to slot you bike in out the front, give it a go.

  4. Be careful parking on the footpath....even the staff don't do it now....apparently the parking pigs have cracked down on them parking there.....

    I usually park right at the door :cool:
  5. If you're riding up church st, towards westfield, then you can park easily and legally on many of the streets on your left prior to MCAS. Lansdowne or the two after it are good choices, little bit of a walk afterwards but it's probably the least hassle.

    I usually drive my car there cause i leave carrying and ass load of stuff, so parking on the footpath isn't an option for me :p
  6. hehehe, park it at bikebiz and take a stroll;)
  7. Bikebiz
    When Im there I usually check out the specials at all three shops.
    If I want to go to MCAS specifically I go to Liverpool anyway.

    Ive also considered parking at the car place across the road, whatever it is, pedders or something?
    Some afternoons when they close they put up poles in the driveway, they dont stop bikes :grin:
  8. last time was at the mcas parra parked on the footpath there was no bike parking at the front and the dirt carpack was closed so i was like wtf, where am i going to park?
  9. I've parked on the footpath around the side plenty of times....no hassles so far, and There are usually a few bikes there particularly on Saturday
  10. The restaurant across from action moytorcycles. thats my spot.

    I didnt know they had a store in liverpool. Where at.
  11. Probably the reason why the staff don't park on the footpath anymore is that control of parking inspectors reverted to the councils a while back. In the last year, parking fine revenue has TRIPLED in NSW! If they were parking there everyday they would have worn the brunt of this. Applies equally everywhere else. If there is an easy way to money grab, then the local councils will jump on it.
  12. Same for me ,check the prices at bike biz ,give the guys at action the finger as i walk past ,then got to mcas. :LOL: