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MCA Auburn Store - doosh

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by james.leo, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. So anyway, I rang up to enquire about a range of helmets from their website that were on sale, wanted to check to see if they had stock seeing as I was coming from Nthn Beaches and really didn't want to waste my time going there if they didn't. Dude over the phone was extremely helpful.

    Go there, asked to speak to the dude I spoke with on the phone, the guy I spoke to said nuh he is busy at the moment and that was it. So I had to make the prompt and say "Can you help me then", he was like "Yeah I guess so". AWESOME START.

    So I began to ask several questions about the helmets I was enquiring about. He basically said, "Right, well those ones are there" and simply just pointed. Right so I went over and look at them, asked him if they had a small in a particular colour. He was like "You didn't even try it on, how do you know it will fit, just put one on" I'm like that the F**K did I do to piss this dude off, anyone, so put the small on to keep him happy (I already knew I wanted the small) then I said right, do you have this in this colour. He came back with it. Whist he was getting it, I looked at some others which naturally is what your gunna do when your out shopping right. I then asked him if he had anyone of another kind in a mat black and he was like "Mate Im not gunna waste my time going back and forward for you to check stock" Being from a customer service background myself I nearly fell to the floor with this dudes sheer ignorance.

    I ended up walking away from this dooshbag, found someone else to help me, then heard the prick talking to some other dude that works there having a good'ol biatch. WTF. Anyone this other dude I got to help me was awesome, couldn't have done enough for me.

    So what's with that? First ride on my new bike and that crap, nuh f**k that MCA.
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  2. I would have told the floor manager of the 2 staff then proceeded to take my cash and business elsewhere never to return to the store
  3. I generally avoid conflict, plus the helmets I was looking at were RRP $900 down to $400. I didn't want to pass up on this offer. But yes I should have called up when I got home to pass on my dissatisfaction. Meh I got a new bike bahaha. He prob saw me rock up and was like Bast**d hehe
  4. Yeah, for some reason that store is full of the type of tough guys who think they where hired because they are ace motorcycle riders. Shop around mate, there are plenty of other smaller competitive places around. The only reason that place is good for is the huge range they have so you can find the jacket and size you want, and order it somewhere else ( if you can be bothered lol)
  5. You know, funnily enough, when i started out riding the MCAS staff in the city store treated me with indifference. Now i've got a few years under my belt, it's like they can sense it or something and it's generally all smiles and sunshine and lollipops and group hugs and underground anarchy clubs.

    But even then, they are often too busy discussing motorbikes to be worrying about the gear and who can blame them to be honest. :p
  6. Yeah, but you don't need to know "EVERYTHING" to appreciate a good ride. Just because someone may know a lot of shit about bikes doesn't make them anymore intelligent than someone who just appreciates bikes etc.
  7. Everyone has bad days. I don't think it was that bad.
  8. When your spending hard earned $$ you'd expect to be treated with respect that's all I'm saying. All good, got what I wanted and thoroughly enjoying my new ride.
  9. Yeah I know but the douches win if you let it get to you.
  10. You should definitely have asked to see the manager, even if you're the sort of person who avoids confrontation. There is NO excuse for poor customer service, particularly when stores like this then whine about people buying on the 'Net instead of in-store. They should be falling over themselves to serve you, and if they're not prepared to do that, the manager needs to sack the slackers and employ some people who will.
  11. I was there yesterday as well. Bought some $30 bar ends. Basically got no service apart from when I went n paid for them. Didn't bother me coz I only bought some bar ends. But if I was buying something like a helmet for $400, I'd be oissed as well mate. Like hornet said, they shouldn't biatch if people buy online. They should line up to serve you
  12. Hahaha
  13. Bahah where the heck did you scoop that picture up from? Back To The Future right?
  14. i had the same experiance when i bought boots at MCA sydney city, pretty much no service at all, i knew what i wanted and just wanted them to get my size so i could try em on and buy them. took at least 1 hr for someone to be able to help me, and when they did they were ****ing retarded.

    Now days i just buy 90% of my gear online from sportbiketrackgear, where i get service that is 900 times better via email from the guys there, they actually help you, recommend what you need in your situation and tell you the size you need, all while being in the USA.

    I find it funny, i hope these businesses go broke, they deserve it for the way they treat their customers, sadly i need to go to MCA to buy some leathers soon, im strongly considering sizing up and then buying from the USA even though it will probably cost me more with shipping.
  15. Sizing up at MCA, then buying overseas. If your internet store has so much better service I suggest you use them to size up.
  16. Funny this was brought up, I had a very similar experience at mcas Auburn recently when buying a helmet, the guy somehow had the outlook that I was wasting his time, it's like seriously your in retail sales if you don't like it do something else. Seems to be the one guy though, others have been quite good.
  17. May be he was "the" sales man who had sixth sense in retail and knew OPI was window shopping the moment he left his house.... LMAO ( in context of Gasp incident.....just joking)
    I would have bought the helmet if it was un-passable deal and complain while FPOS machine is printing the receipt..... Sick to see stores providing bad service but its just one staff who should be complained about just to see how store owner takes it...
  18. The bloke your referring to didn't happen to have a shaved head, bit chubby, tall??
  19. Not a fan of the store !!! Shit service each time i've been in there. Only reason I why i go back... is if they have something on special or to check out the range.
  20. I always find it funny that retailers complain about online stores and not being able to compete when they provide no reason for customers to come to the store. These days, its about being smart, its about giving customers a reason to be loyal to you. That comes from good service, good after sales service and making the overall customer experience pleasant enough that customers want to come back.

    Having done a bit of a shop around for bikes recently, my experiences with some of the bike shops recently has been lacklustre to say the least. Sales guys treating you with disdain, not bothering to return calls about bikes etc. When you do get service in a store, the guys treat you with contempt because you dare ask them a question about a product and then disappear immediately to go talk to their sales mates about how you dared ask them a question about how x product compares to y.

    There are a lot of stores I wouldn't venture into unless they were carrying the last part on this planet and even then, I'd try buy it online through their website so I don't have to deal with their shitty sales people.