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MC19 Cafe Racer... maybe?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Clemo, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I thought I would share my little project with you all now. A few months ago my friend and I bought a pair of 88 CBR250s with the plan of giving them a spruce up with a retro cafe racer feel and chucking them on red plates. Full of enthusiasm I stripped the bike down and started throwing out what I didn't want with a vision in my head of the great TT legend Mike Hailwood. The focal point of our bikes being 4 into 4 (or 4 into 6) megaphone exhausts like the ones found on Mike’s RC166.

    However due to a few setbacks, one being the prohibitive cost of a custom sump to accommodate said exhausts and the getting the bloody things made for less than a small fortune that idea has been put on the back burner. So now I am going with a more straight forward approach to the build and less racy but still the café feel. Progress has slowed quite a bit of late though and I am hoping that this thread will spur things along.

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  2. So without further delay here are some pics of the bike how I bought it and what work has been done.
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  3. Nice one Clemo !
    Good luck with the build and look forward to the end result
  4. Wow, this project would be a head turner, keep us up to date :)
  5. Well other commitments keep getting in the way but progress is being made. I have now completely stripped all parts from the bike and begun the process of cleaning everything up. I have polished up the parts I want polished and sanded back the parts to be painted. [​IMG]
    Tools for the job :)
    before and after polishing. Not really chrome like more that brushed aluminium look but I like it.
    The frame all cleaned and sanded.

    Tomorrow I am going to build a spray booth in my shed and then I can get cracking on spraying on the primer and paint.
  6. Looking good, keen to see where this goes.
  7. Keep the pics coming... :)
  8. Nice! Can't wait to see what you have planned :) I'm an avid fan of the MC19 and 22 :)
  9. ......the PRIMARY tool being the Beer of course :D

    Looking good Clemo - watching with interest.....
  10. The build is still chugging along slowly.

    I have under coated the frame and am quite happy with the finish but the miserable weather is holding me up from doing any more painting at the moment. Guess I picked the wrong time of year for that.

    So I am pressing on with other tasks. I bought an air sander from aldi and have been sanding back the tank. I works well but it is taking ages. I am useing a 250 grit pad to get the bulk of it off then finishing it off with a 600 grit pad to get it baby ass smooth.

    Also I have started looking at the performance/mechanical side of things. Aus_James came round a few weeks back and helped me clean the carbs and I have started attacking the block with a wire brush to clean it up before the rebuild. I now have a new addiction in ebay cos I have ordered a bunch of stuff for that, gaskets spark plugs and new hoses are on their way so when they get here I will be diving in at the deep end and having a go at that.

    Anyway I will get some more photos up soon.
  11. Good work so far, but don't you dare stop until you've painted those green wheels:sick: . It's traditional on a Kawasaki but that colour scheme is just too much;).
    Polish more of those alloy bits & then clear coat. Silver paint on the bits you can't polish. Look out David Essex!
  12. Some more progress shots
    started cleaning up the rusty old headers with the grinder. I used the aluminium sanding disk that I used for the larger parts of the frame. It is coming up well but it flogs out the disc real quick.
    Before shot. I plan to clean them up and then I will either go for the matt black look or heat wrap. Have not decided which yet. Then finish them off with a cafe style cone muffler.

    Eww, dirty.
    Getting there. I used a wire brush attachment on the drill for this. Slow going but it is working well. Going through the batteries pretty quick. I might need to invest and a power drill.
  13. I shouldn't be watching this thread.
    I have TWO MC19s in the shed and I could easily build one really good one out of the two, or get BOTH of them done up and going. But if I'm going to spend any money, I'd rather spend it on doing up my beloved VFR...
    Does anyone want to buy two complete MC19s???
  14. Here is the tank it is REAL SLOW but the results are great. I have about four layers to go through but the metal underneath is super smooth. I am now thinking about the raw metal look for the tank but I still might go with plan A being Honda red.

    Finally here is the frame all primed and ready the colour, gloss black as with the engine but that is still a while off.

  15. Well I have been wondering about doing a scrambler version...

    How much?...

    No, no I need to focus.
  16. Awesome Clemo........very awesome.
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  17. nice work so far. keep the pics coming :)
  18. I'd highly recommend moving away from café racer, the big ally frame and screaming 18k redline kinda don't give it credence.

    If it was mine (loved my old MC19!) I'd go for a Repsol fairing conversion from eBay, think they're about $400~500 posted. Money very well spent, and you can always sell the old fairing bits on eBay for a bit as well, either as a bulk lot or individually as road rash repairs.

    Heres an example for $480, rightclick on box top left and hit show pic.



    Cheers - boingk
  19. Work on the bike is on hold at the moment due to moving house but the positive is that the new place has a bigger shed :D so I will be itching to crack on with the build once the stress of moving is dealt with. Stay tuned...

  20. Thanks for checking out the bike mate but that is not really the look I am going for. Sumoto pump out huge volumes of replica rip offs and that is something I want to distance myself from.
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