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MC Ramp needed for front door - where to buy? Improvise?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jekyll, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Hi.

    I need to come up with a way to get my bike in through the front door, due to theft / insurance concerns - at least for the next few months until I can find a more suitable living arrangement.

    The ramp needs to span a little over 2m, over some steps which will make the incline about 20 degrees, through my front door. It will need to remain firmly in place and not slide off the steps while bearing load, and I want it sensibly wide. One with a slightly arched shape (rather than dead flat lengthways) would probably be best.

    Ideally I'd like something strong enough that I could ride up on the bike without breaking it, but that might be asking a bit much for what I want to spend (< $200 ).

    Bike weight: 167kg (dry I guess - Street Triple ... call it 200kg wet ?)
    Rider weight: ~70kg

    I need it within about 2 weeks.

    Can anyone offer advice on:
    1) Who sells the product I'm looking for?
    2) Should I consider trying to fab / improvise it myself (I'm not a big handyman)? Ideas on how / what / where to buy materials? I'd rather avoid this unless it's dead simple AND dead cheap ...

    I looked at getting some wood to do the job, but a) it was going to cost > $150 for a strong enough piece, and b) it would need some creative stuff done to it to make it stay in place securely ... CBF

    Any advice on technique / how not to drop the thing also appreciated.

    MODS: hope this is an appropriate forum.

  2. 1. Get shovel.
    2. Shovel dirt onto steps/path to form suitable ramp.

    Dead simple, dead cheap.

    I would just ride it up the steps. :p
  3. Not sure of the price but I think you need something like this or this.

    Couldn't find any for $200 though. :( [/url]
  4. I'd personally construct it from timber - treated pine is cheap and easy to work with.
  5. i dont know that i trust treated pine to bear the load ..

    Also, i checked out my front steps - seems the large one in the middle is higher than the imaginary line between the bottom and top step - ie, i either need a ramp with a gentle convex arc, or i have to put a wooden block or something on the top step. Otherwise, the middle step will act as a fulcrum. Ok in a see-saw, not in a bike ramp. I better have a closer look and work out if a block on the top step will work - otherwise my options get a lot more limited.

    ebay might be my best bet so far .. and I'm now thinking it might be worth paying a little more for quality. If i drop the bike because of a crappy ramp, it'll cost a lot more than i saved.

    thanks for the help so far.
  6. :? Yeah nah I mean build a ramp...not chuck a plank over the steps :wink:

    As above... build it to accommodate your needs. :cool:

    I mean it's up to you, that's just what I'd do is all. :)
  7. Ok, point taken.

    FWIW, this might describe the issue with the middle step better than words.

    Also, note the front gate & front door are only ~77cm wide on the inside - is that likely to present a big problem when trying to push it up without power? I really have no sense of how hard it's going to be - whether I'll need someone to push it / have to have the engine drive it up, or have to ride it up sitting onboard. Will l even fit beside it? :?:

    Noise will be an issue and could interfere with the need for engine power (especially if I opt for the lowboy ;)

    Looks to me like I'll need almost a 3m ramp - ideally one rated for 300kg+ and / or curved. Guess my budget just blew out ( or the motivation to roll my own solution just increased) ...

    EDIT: F*ck .. my Spada's 90cm across at the mirrors. I'm starting to have a bad feeling about this ...

    If this is accurate, clearance could be down to the millimetre (or worse, once levers are factored in) ... shitshitshitshit

    So my loading technique is starting to look like: lay down oversize ramp, sit on bike, aim at front door, twist throttle, squeeze both levers hard just before clipping door frame, and hope I end up in my living room.

  8. Have ya thought about taking it through the window? :-k
  9. Like to complicate stuff eh?
    Two treated pine sleepers will cost you $40 or less. If you go to a yard that sells said sleepers, you will be able to select two that are already bowed in teh direction you need( they do this readily during drying, they cut them green)
    Place side by side, join with gang nails and mallet.
    Drill holes in ends of sleepers, and screw, nail, dynabolt or tie them into position.
    Consider running a circular saw across teh boards to a depth of a few mm in a random pattern for added traction.
    My 265kg (DRY) GTR 1000 has been up a single treated pine sleeper 2400mm long several times now.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Got a pic?

    I think you're going to have to ride the bugger in with mirrors folded.
  11. Yeah, the mirrors will definitely have to fold.

    Good to know that pine is up to the load - reckon it'd bear ~ 300kg without drama?
  12. Get someone to video-tape the first time you try riding up whatever you make.

    Just in case...
  13. no way dude.

    being videotaped increases the chance of accident tenfold - it's documented fact.
  14. nah nah dude nah
    U'll be sweet. Jus' tape it.
  15. Yeh, but if the video shows a hilarious fall... you could win a nice lump sum from funniest home videos mate!

    ...there's always an upside... :)
  16. Given all the potential issues, and the potential cost of a drop on top of the cost of the ramp, I think I'd be looking seriously at chains and disc locks and solutions for keeping it outside... or just at moving to a better suburb!
  17. Yep, I've pretty much arrived at that myself Bravus. It's not something I'd like to do more than once, let at least twice a day (in & out).

    I've asked the neighbor if i can stow it in his yard if it will fit (no chance it'll fit through my diminutive gate); either way I figure I'll move in a few months to somewhere with a real garage, and secure it with alarmed disc lock and baseball bat until then.
  18. If I:

    1) Owned my property.
    2) Wanted to park my motorcycle in the house all the time.
    3) Lacked confidence an an unsightly wooden plank leaning on the front of my house...

    I'd get a contractor to reconcrete or whatever: turn the steps into a ramp.