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Mc Carrs creek rd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dezmonster, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Saturday 29th November
    If anyone is involved in group rides or planning on going there today /tonight Don't !
    RTA and cops setting up there this afternoon blitzing due to all the attention in the local
    media about hoons and groups of noisy bikes.
    Last week a push bike rider was killed there by a young driver which is tragic.
    Since the re surfacing the road is very enjoyable but has attracted lots of cars and bikes
    shame as it has been my local go to as the Old Pac which is now so heavily policed
    its barely worth riding.

  2. There was also a blitz on the old PAC hwy today. I ride it during the week and very rarely see the pricks there
  3. I don't think we should avoid areas just because the cops set up shop, obviously if your bike is running a bunch of defects you might want to avoid it, but if you are doing the right thing why let the police stop you.

    Its pretty much shoving it back in their face.

    I actually did 2 laps of the old road with a police escort once holding 60 the whole distance which is almost double the advisory limit on most the corners.
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  4. Yeh. It's heaps fun riding at 60.
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  5. If you can't enjoy riding at any speed, I feel sorry for you :(
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  6. Ride the old PAC at 60 ? Pls just kill me now.
  7. Do you feel sorry enough to start a donation fund?
  8. Depends... what would the funds be used for?
  9. Just got back from riding McCarrs and West Head Rd. there's definitely more police there than normal. I counted 3 cars in 4 hours. That's more than I've seen riding/driving McCarrs every day for the past 10 years.
  10. Given direct to me to help me enjoy riding at 60.
  11. Staying away only encourages them to shut down more roads. This is one case where you can waste police time simply by obeying the law.
  12. Wouldn't it be better to swamp their blitz with limit abiding riders so that their statisticians report something like:
    "1000 number plates scanned/observed, 2 were detected speeding for a 0.2% default rate", instead of;

    " of 2 plates scanned/observed both were detected speeding for a 100% default rate " which of course would be followed by a headline that screamed "100% of motorbikes break the speed limit!"
  13. ^^this I like. But you go first.
  14. As an older P plater with nothing to prove and a huge awareness of his own skill limits, I am "Mr Speed Limit".
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  15. Me Too! The McCarrs Creek Road is a great ride at legal speeds :)

    Likewise the Old Pacific Hwy. The only bad moment I have had on that road was some hoon heading the opposite direction with his helmet one meter over on MY side of the double centre line.

    Whinge, whinge, grumble, mutter, that's the trouble with young people these day!