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mbike riding in vietnam?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. we are are going to vietnam in a weeks time. does anyone know if you can hire scooters or mbikes there? that is their main form of transport...

  2. offroadvietnam.com

    I did a 7 day tour in April 2010, the best thing I've ever done.

    They used to hire bikes out for self guided stuff, I assume they still do it.

    Have fun!!!
  3. thanks man!!!

    i dont imagine they will worry about mbike licence......
  4. Have just arrived back from Vietnam, not sure if this information will be too late for you. I did a similar tour to Pleats with the same company. I got an international license, however it is not recognised in Vietnam, but thought the effort may go someway if we got into problems.

    We got done speeding on the first day by a "fixed speed camera" that was in an out laying country town. Clocked us at 49 in a 40. We were doing 80 so not too sure if the camera ever existed however guide stated he saw the pic and identified the fastest one in our group. Guide copped the ticket and came to an arrangement.

    Bikes were well maintained and ran well. After we returned to town we saw another bloke with XR250's in Hanoi. Had a look at them and they seemed well maintained but didn't kick them over. It was flamingotravel.com.vn. There were a few scooter hire places nearby as well.

    Accidents are sorted out on the side of the road. Bigger pays smaller unless you're a westerner then you pay everyone, if you don't want Police involved. Police investigation requires you to stay in the country whilst it is conducted.

    After Vietnam I went to Cambodia and hired scooters there. $5 a day, passport as security.
    Never had a problem in either country. Great places to ride, and doesn’t matter what you are riding as long as you are riding.

    Hope it helps

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  5. I learnt to ride in saigon, and it's a great way to get around towns and the countryside. Bikes and shooters can be hired almost everywhere in Vietnam, just ask around. Don't expect any paperwork or insurance, and as said above, if you're involved in an accident, it'll probably be sorted out on the side of the road and you'll end up paying cash. Who's at fault means nothing.

    I don't think any foreign licenses are recognized, but the fine is less than $10 so don't lose any sleep over it.

    Take a bit of time as a pedestrian or pillion first to get used to the traffic, especially if you're in the larger cities. And a warning on the gears: there's usually no clutch, and gears go N,1,2,3,4.
  6. As above, riding scooters in Vietnam is fun and cheap. If you know how to ride from here, just watch the traffic and you'll have no problems.

    I did a great tour with these guys - Hoi An Motorcycle Adventures - three day tour up over the Ho Chi Minh highway and the Hai Van Pass on old Russian minsk dirt bikes. http://www.motorbiketours-hoian.com/
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  8. AFAIK International drivers licenses are not valid anywhere in the world. All they are are bits of paper saying you drive in your home country. They are not legal to use as ID or actual licenses, and you need to check the conditions of driving on your own license for each country. In the UK for instance you are legal to drive for a year "After you have settled in the country" on a license from australia before you must go and get a local learners permit and subject yourself to the bullshit they put learners through over there. If you get a UK license you are legal to drive anywhere in europe.
  9. Wrong. They are required in many countries and recommended in most. They are legal forms of ID when presented with your original licence in accepting countries.

    Vietnam does not ‘officially’ recognise an international licence but it’s much better to pull out of your pocket (with 50us inside) than thin air. It’s required in Thailand and Malaysia, so if you’re going anywhere else is SE Asia it’s a smart thing to buy.
  10. you wanna talk FILTERING......come and see these people do what they do best. nothing we have seen in australia, comes close to these people.

    i walked out of hotel room to see a guy on a scooter with 3 adult gutted pigs stacked up in the footwell of his scooter!!!

    nothing can prepare you for what happens here 24/7....
  11. In Vietnam bikes tend to keep to the outer lanes and cars the inner (faster) lanes. I rode on the highway down from HCM City to the Mekong with a guide... I overtook a few bikes by moving into the left (faster) lane and he told me not to do it too much as it attracts police attention. No problem with going as fast as you like in the right hand lane though, which on an old semi-automatic scooter is not that fast.
  12. Yes. with your official license. its a translation document NOT a license in itself. that is where the mistake is made, and why its not an international license at all.
  13. What mistake? It's pretty straight forward. International driving permits are required by most non English speaking countries to enable local police to read a translation of your licence. The Aust licencing system is comparatively a fairly high standard and therefore your licence will likely be recognised in other countries.

    Vietnam does not officially accept these permits but if you hand if over with a smile, and possibly some cash you should be ok.
  14. I doubt they really care about the permit or smile. The rest will be appreciated