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M'bike Parking at Melbourne Airport... you have to PAY??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by oz_johnno, May 31, 2010.

  1. no more free parking at the airport

    I went to Hobart on the w/e to see my kids and when I came back, i noticed big red signs where you park your bike saying 'motorcyclists must pay for parking'
    , and threatening fines if you dont. Apparently the days of riding around the barriers has ended :(

  2. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    There was never any free official parking at the airport to begin with. The only thing was that the officers turned a blind eye to it. Here is an email between me and the parking people at the airport from late last year:

    From: "Josephine Blunden" <Josephine.Blunden@melair.com.au>
    Date: 9 December 2009 12:54:19 AEDT
    To: Ahmet
    Subject: 21815 Melbourne Airport Parking Motorbikes

    Hello Ahmet
    Please refer to the following information in regards to your query about parking your motorbike.
    Motor & push bike parking. Airport parking for motorcycles
    Motorbike riders are allocated a designated area within the short term car park. Motorbikes do not park for free, the same rates apply for all customers.

    Motorcycles are not permitted to park on any footpaths, walkways or entry/exit doors. Motorcycles that are parked illegally will receive an infringement notice and may be towed. If you are unsure of where to park upon your arrival, please speak to a car park attendant, who will point you in the right direction.

    Kind regards,

    Josephine Blunden
    Melbourne Airport, Car Park Support Officer
    p + 61 3 9297 1979
    f + 61 3 9297 1874
    w: www.melbourneairport.com.au
    Locked Bag 16, Gladstone Park, Victoria 3043
  3. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    maybe not....... but we've all done it :)

  4. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    Well, your paying for a full car spot. Might as well use it.

    PS. Don't share with another bike if you do.
  5. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    Don't worry so have I and will continue to do so : )

    The bikes fit thru the boom gates and they only have forward facing cameras so how will they stop it is beyond me. Plus the employee sitting in the toll booth is happy to see bikes exit without stopping them.

    Bikes park on the kerbs anyway and it's not like cars will park there or they will be used for other purposes.
  6. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    I parked there last week, rode straight past the entrance gates since last time I was there it wouldn't even issue a ticket for me. So when I saw the big "bikes must pay" signs I pulled in at the pay station to ask the guy what I should do.

    He checked who was around, then said "ride out again" ;)
  7. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    Good idea :)

    Although i still don't plan on paying.
  8. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    we could revive the whole footpath parking protest.... Lord Knows melb airport is shit to deal with the traffic, imagine how impressed they'd be if we took a chunk of their car parking :p

    Anyway I'm sure the MRA(V) will sort them out!
  9. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    It sounds like I should come to Vic just to help you guys protest... yes? :)
  10. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    Last time I parked there was last year. I called up and the guy said you can just ride around the boom gates without paying...I guess they must be cracking down on this now...
  11. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    I was told by the Airport management that motorbike parking was free, and to ride around the barriers. I actually phoned them last year to confirm.

    Melbourne had always been fine until recently: but then, they need to increase such poor returns on their investment ;)
  12. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    Yeah I feel so sorry for the Airport.......
    Imagine taking a few months to rake in building car park costs (incl interest) in a few months..... shouldn't have taken more than a day...

    Have a mate works for Qantas discussing this and mentioned how quick the money was recouped......
    The fact they want motorcycles to pay same rate as cars only goes to shows what kind of organisation they are......
    Don't go there too often but I'll be going around the barriers when I do and wait if I ever get a notice about anything......
  13. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    There was confusion on that and so to clear things up I sent an email to them and got the above reply. I work a stones throw away from the airport and am there everyday on my lunch break and there seems to be no issues with bikes paying for parking.

    I believe it's technically not for free but they turn a blind eye on it for motorbikers as we represent an insignificant number of vehicles using the parking. I was there 2 weeks ago farewelling a family member at 11pm and there was a good 30 bikes I could see parked on the gutters that hadn't paid.
  14. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    You don't pay till you leave though.
    You also hold onto the ticket till you pay at the machines.
    Pointless when you can ride around the barriers.
  15. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    But if they were ticketed bikes they wont mount the kerb and would park in a normal parking bay then.

    Defeats the purpose like you say when you can ride around the barrier.
  16. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    I would suggest they would mount the kerbs in order not to occupy a parking bay and risk it being knocked over.
    I do not use parking bays unless it is extremely necessary.
  17. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    It's all about the money. There have been reports that show Melbourne Airport collect excessive amounts of money for parking compared to the other big airports around the country. I remember reading about it in The Age.

    As for parking on the footpath, I think they'd use the bomb threat excuse to ban that pretty damned quickly if people tried it. If you can't leave a suitcase outside the terminal on the footpath, what makes you think they'd let you leave a bike there?
  18. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    I mounted the kerb the other day for the first time and I'll tell you it's a fairly high kerb and the bottom of my bike just made it without scraping. If I was made to pay for parking at the airport then I would definitely park in an allocated parking spot but that's me.

    It's the actual kerb within the multi storey parking complex itself and not the kerb of the airport where cars and cabs drop off pickup passengers to the terminals.
  19. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    Has the airport changed the gate width?? They looked the same when I was there a few weeks ago?

    If a bike doesn't trigger a ticket, how are we expected to pay?

    Presumably there's a button you press to issue a ticket. To press it. You don't pay till the exit. Have they got gestapo type gates at exit??
  20. Re: no more free parking at the airport

    My wife was at the airport last week to farewell my parents as I was on camp.
    Their gates had all malfunctioned and the traffic inside the carpark had banked up for a good 15 minutes before she could exit out of 2 gates that were manually staffed.