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mbike adoration

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. something that still catches me out is how much stangers find mbbikes facinating.

    for example on many rides, you get kids in cars giving the thumbs up when you pass.

    just parking on a street or carpark and strangers bail you up asking about the mbike/s. get back on the mbike parked in a street and kids standing beside you as you put helmet on and waiting to start the mbike up.

    the most unusual one was in barossa valley after a lunch, we about to take off, but the people mover with a family on it just sat there waitng for us ot take off, with the kids watching. as soon as we were level they all did the thumbs up thing.

    you just dont get that when hopping back into a cage, unless i imagine, its a ferrari etc.

    do you notice stuff like this on your mbikes?
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  2. I agree with your observations. Even though I have a 24 year old bike with dents and scratches, I do sometimes get people talking to me about it. Especially middle aged blokes at gas stations who start the conversation with 'Oh I want to get one of them!' If I would be driving an equivalent car, people would just look at it and think 'What an old shitbox'.

    Love kids waving, I always try to wave back - the friendly rider that I am ;)
    For some reason those kids, staring at you in admiration, at the beginning quite shy when lifting up their hand for a wave, then when you reply their wave they get this huge smile and their wave becomes rather enthusiastically, they just make my day.
  3. It's been noted here many times before, and I doubt any of us haven't noticed it a couple of times, an interesting social phenomenon....
  4. People comment like its a strange thing.

    I did a day's temp work as an EA yesterday, and the HR lady said, "I heard you ride a motorcycle." She'd obviously been told by the recruitment agency, but I caged that day and was suitably dressed for the role. I wonder if she'd expected me to work in leathers, a bandana and multiple arm tatts. She sounded surprised, like it was unusual.
  5. Lets face it, riding a motorcycle is a tad unusual. I always wave to the kids and if possible try to encourage them to get a bike when they grow up. Some parents don't like that, but who cares.
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  6. Saw something that brought a smile to my face the other day.
    I was following @cockrocket back to Church Point after locking my bike away in its garage.

    I was driving and he was riding his Kwak.

    We passed a little girl (no more than 4 years old) and her dad.
    She ignored the 3 cars but stopped and pointed at the bike.

    Future superstar right there.

  7. I hear you Greydog! I work in admin, nothing unusual, but as soon as someone found out I rode a bike - everyone in the office new by lunch time. Since then I apparently have the new name of "biker chick" (not very inventive), but one a male co worker who rides never gets hassled.

    I am kinda flattered though, and secretly feel tough :p
  8. I love waving to kids in the back of cars cause I remember when I was a kid I always got excited when bikes pulled up next to the car and loved getting a wave back from them.

    I popped down to the shops last week and a kid came out of one of the stores as I walking to the supermarket and asked if that was my bike. I was like yep, and he asked if it was ok to wait til I came out and started it up haha.
    He hung around and watched from a distance as I got on and headed off, yelling out bye as I went with a wave.
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  9. A Car is a protective envelope it cuts people off from one another there is no interaction. On a bike you are open not only literally but figuratively, don't know why but the shields people put up as pedestrians to each other don't seem to apply. Kids especially seem to be fascinated, much to their parents dislike at times. :)
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  10. Did you pop a big second gear clutchy?
  11. I can't wheelie. Just a wee pup.

    Really more so I have zero interest in dropping my bike and so have had no interest in learning to pop the front up. Probably should though. Makes you cool.
  12. Thought you learnt on dirt as a wee lad
  13. I did. Was banned from pulling them though after I stacked it a few times trying to show off to some other kids. Was told if I kept trying to do them I wouldnt be allowed back on it.
  14. I pulled up alongside a very young kid in the passenger seat an SUV at the traffic lights. Black bike, black leathers, flash red and white lid with a dark black visor. The kid was at the laugh or cry stage, big eyes, it could go one way or the other. I lifted my left hand up to my lid and did an open and shut several times with my fist in a robotic wave..........
    The kid beamed back, started laughing and waved back.

    Made my day, his mum was hot as well.
  15. You wouldnt do it unless the mum was a milf :D
  16. My 2 year old nephew would scream out "motorcycle!" when he sees one, at least he doesn't get scared of them. Loves them and points at them :D.

    When he is bored, he'd go to my study and ask me to put a motorcycle race on for him to watch. Loves watching it...rider in the making. I feel proud to be the "bad" uncle and teaching him bad habits...such as wiping your hands on your clothes bahaha.

    Have waved to a few kids in cars and they get all excited, however some times the mother isn't so keen and would give me the death stare. I just give them a wink and ride off.
  17. Last line says it all.....
  18. So been riding almost a year and the last 6 or so months riding with a mate who lives around the corner from me who has a new Kawak Ninja 1000.

    Two weeks ago, I get the new bike - VFR800 finally put together and registered. Handed the keys to my mate and told him to take it for a spin. He said yes only if I followed. So he was ahead on my VFR and I was on my GPX. Pulled into a servo, and this middle aged woman looks at us as we rode in and she walked into the cashier to pay.

    We were at the air pump as she walked out. She walks past and says "nice bikes boys" and walked to her car. My mate and I were joking that for 6 months of riding together we get no comments. First time the VFR gets taken out, we get a a comment from a woman. And yes she was definetly a MILF.
  19. Given you're mate was on a Honda, maybe she thought you were gay and was just being polite. :D :D :D :D :D
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  20. Thats cos VFR800s are HOT....
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