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MAYHEM! @ Heathcote Park Raceway

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Heathcote Park Raceway, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Well you all asked for a car and bike event with variety to be run at heathcote park raceway hows this for variety? Test and tune friday then Easter Saturday and Sunday at Heathcote Park Raceway come as an entrant or a spectator to witness MAYHEM! That’s the name of the event and that’s what the whole weekend will be. Theres a burnout competition with $5500 in prize money up for grabs! If that’s not enough how about the superskid competition! Or the off street r...acing challenge which has $2500 on prize money! Then there is the wheelie competition for the bikes. We even have upto 60! Off road buggys coming to show us there prowess on the newly created off road track!
    If that isn’t enough how about the bikini competition for the girls?
    Then we decided hey its easter lets celebrate it. So we went and found ourselves a band to entertain everyone once the racing finishes on Saturday night!
    So on the easter long weekend are you going to be one of the competitors to see if you have what it takes to take home the cash! Or you going to be a spectator on the hill cheering everyone on?
    Don’t forget you can camp the night even come setup on Friday!
    Competitor camping is free if your entrant fees are paid up before the 9th april.

    Campsites are available in a Families Section as well as the General Camping area. You should ask to be directed to your preferred area when arriving at the Heathcote Park facility. Reserved Spaces are not necessary as there are plenty of spots available in both areas.
    Campsites should be booked and paid for in advance for a fee of $30.00 per campsite (8m X 8m). Additional toilets will be provided based on the number of camp sites purchased in advance of the event, so please complete this in plenty of time to allow us to cater for your needs.
    Campers have access to the Heathcote Park facility from 4.00pm Friday April 22nd through to 12.00 pm on Monday April 25th.

    Motorcycle Wheelie Racing

    Racing will take place on the Quarter Mile Drag Strip.
    A nominal fee of $100.00 will be charged as a competition entry fee. You may register online and pay your entry fee at the Heathcote Park website to be assured of a start at this race meeting.
    Entry fees can be paid on the day of competition, however, as numbers will be strictly limited we cannot guarantee a place for racers who do not register and pay fees in advance. Racers can compete on one or both days for the single entry fee. Open practice sessions, qualifying and competitions will be scheduled on each day.
    All bikes must pass scrutineering at Heathcote Park on each day of competition before being allowed to access the track facility.
    Racers will compete in a heads-up racing format (lane vs lane), racing against the clock across the nominated distance for each class of competitor. Professional Class will race over the standard Quarter Mile, Amateur Class competitors will race over 1/8 Mile.
    Racers must complete the prescribed distance whilst balancing the motorcycle on the rear wheel only, a penalty free zone from 0 – 60 feet after the starting line will be monitored to allow greater control of the motorcycle leaving the start line.
    If the front wheel of the motorcycle touches the ground before the prescribed finishing point, the rider will be immediately disqualified from the run. If both riders touch down within the prescribed distance, the first rider to touch down will be deemed the loser. If the run is in an elimination run, then that rider will be eliminated from competition.
    A buy-back after the first round of eliminations will be allowed at a cost of $40.00.
    Prizemoney will be allocated for each Class as follows:
    1st Place $1000.00
    2nd Place $500.00
    Semi-Finalists Trophy
    Trophies will also be allocated in the following disciplines:
    Highchair Wheelie
    Go to Whoa
    Wheelie Trick Run

    for more information check our event listing on facebook

    Spectators $25 for 1 day or weekend pass for $40 kids under 14 are free!
    See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. well guys and girls as you know this is getting closer by the day.
    The schedule has been locked and loaded it shouldnt change to much but atleast you know what you in for now!