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Maybe this is a stupid question - Lights

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by vornar, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. When i'm out and about, i see a lot of twin headlight sport bikes with only one headlight working.

    I am curious if this is the way they are designed to work, or do all of these people have a globe blown. (or do people remove them).

    I ride a naked XJR1300 myself, which only has a single headlight, so i'm not up to date with the newer sport bikes.
  2. Re: Maybe this is a stupid question.

    Some of them use the right side for high beam.

  3. Re: Maybe this is a stupid question.

    it would be a simple mod to do, but you wouldn't achieve much more light.
  4. Re: Maybe this is a stupid question.

    thats how they come from factory, 1 headlight is low beam, both is high
  5. Re: Maybe this is a stupid question.

    I think its because if they were both lit up at night on low beam it would look like a car thats really far away. A safety thing
  6. Re: Maybe this is a stupid question.

    As everyone else said, most twin-light bikes use one for low-beam and the other for high-beam. Some people modify 'em to use the high-beam (aimed down) on a lower power setting for symmetry.

    I agree; helps differentiate a bike from a car's light signature at night. Particularly if the bike also has position markers which create a "triangle" of light.
  7. Re: Maybe this is a stupid question.

    Thanks guys
  8. Re: Maybe this is a stupid question.

    I remove the plug from one on the Viffer as I am buggered if I'm wasting both globes!
    One is plenty of light unless I am outback, both sides have high beam which is always fun to flash those cagers who think I am have them on already.
    "Bright light, bright light!"
  9. I was told that the use of one headlight only was for weight saving of the alternator. Not having to power two globes makes for a smaller battery and less power draw on the (now) smaller alternator. Personally I think it is a dangerous practice as I have heard of these bikes being cut-off or almost crashing with as only the RHS globe was working and the fairing/nose blocked the view. Yammie R1 and R6s are the worst ones.
  10. My R1 has both lights working, looks more balanced from a visual aspect.

    It depends on the model as to how they are wired, Goz's R6 (2008) only has 1 light working on low beam....