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Maybe police should start defecting unroadworthy drivers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ljiljan, May 31, 2009.

  1. I can definitely understand why riders are sick and tired of not being seen and complain about the mental awareness of drivers and the complete lack of it they have.

    Had the typical almost-cut-off-by-a-car-from-side-street experience all riders know and love while coming home from uni. the difference between the usual circumstances and this one is quite scary however.

    About 3 or 4 car lengths from the intersection, the driver decided no one was coming and it was safe to pull out. then quickly realised there was infact something coming. In this occasion the driver was very lucky. It would have been much more destructive than the bike into car crash that might happen, albeit much safer to the rider.

    I was in a bus.

    We complain constantly about people not looking, looking right through us, and cutting us off. How can we expect them to see us when they cant see a bus?
  2. People can see, they just don't look. Normally people won't bother looking for anything that isn't a threat to them, but on this occasion the OP must have been a darn-right idiot.
  3. It's all too easy to see what you expect to see.
    Expect to see nothing - see nothing - fitfull neuron in the back of the mind screams "WTF WAS THAT!" - Crunch
  4. Yea its just shit. Worse still is when you're entering an intersection where you're given the right of way, and other drivers are at stopsigns, they start going, then prop, so you think, sweet, they've realised and all is well, until you're about to go past and they take off again....... I was in a GU patrol at the time too, prettymuch a bus.........
  5. you taught them a lesson i hope.