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maybe my bike is a lemon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Paulie, May 3, 2005.

  1. Hey hey

    So, I was riding my gpx this afternoon, trying out my new jacket when all of a sudden I stalled it! I was confused, restarted the bike and took off.... then 2 minutes later I went to shift to 4th gear after going through a chicane and there was no clutch! The cable is rooted! So i'm thinking MAYBE I bought a lemon... I have a leak in the petrol tank and now a busted clutch cable (albeit is a $30 part and not much to cry about) I was quoted $400 from a wrecker for a SECOND HAND petrol tank! and $1,300 for a new one from kawasaki!

  2. I've had similar drama's with my first bike fzr250. Problem after problem, how much did you pay for the bike?
  3. Ok I have a question to ask.......how did you both manage to hand over good $$ for a POS :shock:
    Did you look at these bikes first or get someone with half an idea to look at them......it's a big bad world out there you should be careful every thing is not always as it seems 8)
  4. Thats a fair enough question, but somethings might only show up, awhile after youve had the thing.

    Maybe they were both just unlucky? :(
  5. True lodger... but sometimes you still get caught.

    All we can do is try to minimise the risk.

  6. Ok ok, granted I only paid $1,800 for it... but still

    I've done about 200kms on it since I bought it on friday, hopefully nothing else is buggered on it. I knew GPX250's are prone to getting rust in the tanks, and I dunno, don't all clutch cables break at some stage? The bike has done 50,000kms
  7. Paulie
    dont worry aboutr it to much
    easy fixed .

    1. take the tank off , if you are sure that it is the tank that is leaking and not just a hose or a clamp .
    then take it to a panel beater , they can fill it with water and weld the crack / split and probably cost you $20 and a 6 pack

    clutch cable tou allready have covered .

    when you buy a bike second hand , you can be buying someone elses problems , its the down fall of it .
    sometimes things like this will show up , thats why you buy froma dealer and make sure you get a 3 month warranty with it , saves you in the long run , demand it and get it written into the contract before you sign the sale contract
  8. 1. NEVER fill a tank with water!!! I know it is the standatd procedure for welding up a tank but in the long run you will end up with more rust!!! There are other ways of welding up a petroll tank so that it does not explode...

    2. I have met so many people who buy their first bike without even test riding it. So a lot of dogy people take advantage of this...

    3. I have never bought a bike or car where in the first three months I did't have to fix some thing... and that incuded brand new cars and bikes... From expiriance I leave something sitting in the bank just for that...
  9. yeah yeah some people are just unlucky though, I bought the bike off a mate who has been riding for a while now and me being a newbie trusted that all was okay. It wasn't, and he claims he didn't know anything was wrong either but as if I would ruin a friendship over something stupid like that I'll get it running and my mates even helping me.
    As for rust in the tank I've got an FZR250 and i got like a rustyish part around the rim of the hole in the top. LOL i don't know how to explain it hey like I open up the tank cap and then inside the rim of this cap is a bit of browny oxidization not quite chunks of rust though, and not quite real rust just yet sorta like the brown you get on your brake disks when water settles on them.
    Do I have rust in my tank or is this pretty normal?
  10. patske, when i got my FZR the tank was full of rust. Pull it off and get all the gunk out of it.

    Lordtb - I didn't ride my 2nd bike I just bought it. Does that make me bad?

    Paulie www.findapart.com.au and get another tank
  11. Nope It does not make you bad in any way... I was saying that there are people who will take advantage of that... I'll even say there are people who will not allow you to ride their bike... "ow the insurance does not cover learners" etc...
  12. I rode the bike before I bought it, and it handled beautifully (still does). The thing looks brand new, despite the slight issue with the petrol tank i couldn't SEE or feel anything else wrong with it. i found it much easier to ride and more responsive than the poxy cb250 which i rode on the pre-learner course and prior to buying this bike I've only ever ridden at the pre-learner course. So, when i bought it I had a fair idea that there was a rust issue in the tank and maybe i just got unlucky with the clutch cable snapping.

    I rang kawasaki and I am buying a new clutch cable tomorrow arvo on my way home from work and my dad is gonna show me how to change it, the petrol tank isnt dripping yet, its just seaping (wet/damp). So I'm gonna take the advise that i got in another post about 'Kreem' the tank liner stuff and then rub back the outside of the tank and try and treat it, probably put rust converter over it and patch it with fibre-glass.... at the end of the day I just want it to look pretty and not leak for the next year till I get my unrestricted license and upgrade to something more fun!

    Thanks for all the good advice everyone on all sorts of stupid questions which I have been filling the forum up with!
  13. Why stop at one? I'm celebrating 20 years of shit heaps! Never spent much on bikes, but damn, I've got a lot of tools.
  14. Unlikely you'll get it. thanks to Jeffrey K there's no mandatory warranty on used motorcycles in Victoria.

    Fair enough on a $500 POS but on a $20,000 BMW or Harley it's a bit ridiculous.

  15. Mark was rattling about a bit was he? :D
  17. Guys!

    I took my bike for a 50km roundtrip to a mates place who used to work for kawasaki and is big on bikes, he checked over my bike and said that it was a real good buy, so long as I can get the petrol tank sorted out! So I'm feeling a hell of a lot better about the bike :D

    I'm a little reluctant to rip my tank off because it may mean that I will be without the bike for a few days :( I've only had it not even a week and already i am addicted to riding, I have to ride it everyday!!! (even though I'm pretty shithouse at riding) hehehe
  18. Love you Chairman!!! Way to go!! I belive it is the only way to live!! Bikes, cars computers and houses... all shit heaps needing TLC, repair, renovation or restoration... If I could I would give up being a postie and become jack of all trades super repair man any time... And the best thing you LEARN so much!!