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Maybe Moving to QLD --> Need advice on where to live/work

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Cambo, May 22, 2008.

  1. Well after a shitty start to the year, the family and I, not by our choice :cry: will be selling the house and looking to move.

    For a number of years now I've actually wanted to move away from Melbourne due to a ridiculous number of colds/bronchitis type infections, so we were thinking it is an opportune time to make the move to QLD.

    Now, I am a CPA Qualified Accountant that has predominately been in industry and would be looking for a Financial Controllers role somewhere. We will obviously be renting, but dont want to pay ridiculously high rents.

    Where in Qld would be the best place to find the right type of employment with the right type of living not too far away?? We have 2 children (4.5 & 6.5) so will be lookng for primary schools, etc, etc, etc......

    I was thinking Arundel, etc. Maybe Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, or maybe FNQ. Noosa would be great, but lack of employment might be a hinderance.

    What would you suggest?
  2. Good luck Cambo...somewhere with enough rooms to put me and Liz up!!
  3. mate, when i was last up there, housing was alot cheaper then down here. Not sure what it's like now....Brissy is a great area, laid back lifestyle and would of stayed if it wasn't so far from family.....further north and you are very isolated from the rest of the capital cities, both Townsville and Cairns are really growing quite quickly too. Townsville was a nice place to grow up, but again most of the kids moved away due to lack of choices of work/options etc....If it was me, i won't move any higher then Brissy area, and imo i love on the north side of brissy better then the south (traffic seemed better, and i just felt it was the nicer side of town to live on :)
  4. Hi Cambo,

    Re: FNQ - I lived in Cairns for two years. One year I worked with locals in the suburbs, the other year I worked in hospitality with the tourists.

    I found a trend that parents seemed to move there to veg out, leaving a large cohort of bored children in the suburbs with nothing to do and that brought a fair few problems from what I saw. Not dissimilar to other coastal tourist towns in Aus in my experience. Whereas working with the tourists was completely different face to the city - but could get a bit tiresome.

    I am a huge fan of the place. I left thinking it was a great place for me to go while I was young and single and even for a young family with kids up to 10yo-ish. Also great place to go near retirement but I felt that I wouldn't want to raise an older family there as there is limited opportunitoes for kids 12y - 20yo to try to get somewhere.

    GREAT RIDING though :) but would have to deal with wet season :)

    My 2c - others may very well disagree.

    Hope the move goes well if you do it :)

    Edit - just saw post above. I agree.
  5. actually you summed it up better then i could :WStupid:
  6. All I have to say is: the roads up in Brisbane freaking rock compared to Sydney / Melbourne. Knee down through the CBD with confidence! Woo!
  7. Re: Maybe Moving to QLD --> Need advice on where to live/


    :p Seriously mate, Good Luck !!! ( Ya lucky bastard )
  8. One of my mates just moved up there. For a change of scenery. Id rather Melbourne personally.

    Good luck with it all but! :wink:
  9. The coastal areas will be expensive. Maybe try some suburbs surrounding the CBD if you want something a little cheaper. I'm 2k's from the CBD and for a three bedroom house (with a pool, 3min walk from train and buses out front) paying $390. There's also alot more work oppurtunities. If you like the beaches it's barely an hours drive - or maybe 4-5 if you take the back twisties through the rainforests and mountains - for both the Sunny and Gold Coasts. I have seen houses with four rooms going for the same amount in rent.

    I will warn you though Gold Coast people tend to be a bit arrogant...
  10. Hi Cambo,

    Hauling it to Qld is a great move considering your profession. I'm a CA myself, and I can tell you that the market is quite good in Brisbane. Lots of movement lately, especially in the energy & industrial markets. Just out of interest, what kind of industry are you in?

    I'm not too sure about the Gold Coast - a lot of pain down there lately what with the investment fund collapses. The salaries are also a lot less down there. If you are thinking about living in the Gold Coast for the lifestyle, you can commute to Brissy to work, you know. It's a very annoying drive/ride in the morning, but doable I suppose.

    If you're thinking about somewhere out there to avoid paying an arm and a leg in housing, think again. Unlike Melbourne (where 15kms radius from the CBD is still classified inner city), 15 kms from CBD in Brisbane is well and truly 'burbs-land.
    You can always just go to the coast on the weekends (it's a 45-minute ride, very close), you don't have to live down there.

    Let me know how you go!

  11. Hi Cambo

    After 16 years living West, South, North and 9 of them in Far North in QLD, I would suggest the Sunshine Coast, the roads have improved and the locals are friendlier providing you can get work.

    The pay drops once you hit the boarder. Rent is rent, I know Brisbane is on a par with Melbourne prices these days for 3 and 4 bed homes. Cheap rent brings in cheap types of character.

    If you chose Brisbane I go with an other opinion in here and that is the Northern Subs, and thinking of the little ones.

    The farther North the less pay the hotter the condition and harder to get permanent work in a professional field the more transient a town becomes harder to make true long-term friends. Start hitting the internet for jobs and see where fate takes you.

    Good luck with your choices, but I am sooooo glad to be back in Melbourne, where there is culture, employment opportunity and great people.
  12. Can I suggest you think outside the square (or the coastal areas in this case) and consider somewhere like Maleny or surrounds in the Blackall Ranges?

    Very picturesque and much less humidity than you will get on the coast. No idea about the job situation, though.
  13. sunshine coast FTW
    just over 1hr from brissie
    great beaches
    great roads
    plenty of work ( not sure about CPA)
    if you move a little more inland house prices get a little cheaper
  14. Maleny is beautiful! Lots of riding around there too...

    Brisbane peak is a bit slow, but it keeps moving (if you stay off the gateway). Riding the bike to commute makes is pretty painless as well, lots of room for splitting and lots of "break-down" lanes.
  15. All the suggestions regarding Maleny, Sunshine Coast etc are fair enough. However, considering that he is looking for an FC-type of position, I seriously doubt the availability of jobs in those areas.

    I really would suggest Brisbane if you're looking for good money and lots of job availability. Townsville is also not bad, there're quite a few jobs going up there for the mining companies, however mostly positions lower than FC for obvious reasons (they are the division branches). But up there in Townsville, Rocky etc even the financial accountant roles (directly under the FC) pay around $90k+ so it's not too terrible.
  16. Just made the move myself.

    Your situation is different to mine, so cant really compare.

    But considering your ideas, I'd be inclined to go Sunshine Coast out of those options.
  17. We moved to Brisbane 2 years ago (from Canada, but Perth before that). Enjoying Brisbane (we live at Moggill, kind of southish west), but it's not quite as easy as some posters have suggested to make it to the beach regularly with a family, so if you're looking at that lifestyle a bit the Sunshine Coast is probably the go. But as has been said, more chance of a good job in your field in Brissie... and the ability to poke gentle fun at the Melburnians when they talk about winter riding is a bonus...
  18. I go up to Brissy pretty often for work. I stay in the CDB. Pleasantly surpised by the number of motorbikes up there.

    But you do realise if you move up there you'll cease being an "Australian" and instead become a "Queenslander"... very "Statriotic" the old QLDers I found :grin: (in FNQ anyway...)
  19. As a Cairns local, I can also say that Cairns drivers are some of the worlds worst!
    I've lost count how many cars I have kicked in the last 6 months, trying to merge on top of you, I have friends come up from down south and they walk away from the car amazed that we made it from the airport to home.

    Some great roads, awesome climate (bit hot in summer) but the drivers leave a lot to be desired.
  20. Just Do it :)

    I've been here 12 years now, and not regretted it once

    I've actually had a friend from Victoria here the last week... and he's already making plans to move lol