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Maybe its a bitza??? FZR 250...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by RS_Menace, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. hi all,

    so im not sure whats going on here, was doing an oil change on my bike yesterday (Yamaha FZR 250) and checked out the vin tags etc,

    i was told by the previous owner that the bike was an 88 model, yet when i checked the vin tag (see below) it says it was manufactured in 89???


    yet the model and series number stamped into the frame on the other side suggest it is an 88 model

    model 3HX1

    series 2KR


    that link has all the info on the models,

    and another weird part, the EXUP exhaust system was supposedly introduced with the 88 model, yet mine doesn't seem to have it (refer pic below)


    thinking i might need to give the bike a complete overhall to return it back to original spec.... whatever that may be lol

    if anyone has any insight into what may be going on with it, please let me know.

  2. By the look of it your bike is 88 but first complied in Aus in 97 by Southside motorcycle dismantlers. Whether they imported it second hand or as wreck? The exup was probably removed. More hassle than worth
  3. It's a grey area because I didn't think an 88 vehicle could meet the 89 standards act therefore could not be complied for importation to Aus. Not sure
  4. Not sure if it is the case with this bike, but you will find 'southside motorcycle dismantlers' on the plate for the majority of cbr250 grey imports. They were brought over by the shipping container full years ago and bikes were built from all the parts (not necessarily all from the same bike). Quite possible that this is similar. I wouldnt bother with the effort to get it original, save the time for more riding (and the cash for a trackday?)
  5. i dont suppose 'IMPORT' in the VIN would help determine where this came from?

  6. Irrelevant. An 88 model bike only has to meet the legislation in place in 88 regardless of when it is imported into Australia.

    As others have said, it's probably an 88 model but was complianced in Australia some time later. The compliance plate indicates that it was a grey import rather than an official Yamaha one and so it was unlikely to be brand new when it arrived here.

    As for the exhaust, very few bikes old enough to vote have factory standard exhaust systems. Besides, the Exup system was originally intended to give the bike reasonable bottom end pull whilst allowing good power production at high revs. Worked OK on a thou, which might be expected to have some bottom end. Good luck with that on a 4 pot 250 :D. Chuck it away and save the weight. Exup or not you'll still need a bazillion revs to actually go anywhere in a hurry.
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    Great little bike, congrats. :)

    • 3HX1= engine no. series (engine start no.)
    • series 2KR = model code/chassis.

    EXUP valve was introduced with the 3LN series (1989) and also changed from FZR250 to FZR250R (at least from info I accumulated/had a '94 vsn).

    I think previous owner was telling you the truth - you have an '88 model, pre EXUP, complianced (grey import) in '97 per compliance plate pic you've given above.

    Info at this site might also help:

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  8. Simple solution. Put petrol in tank, ride and forget.
    I have a grey import VFR 400R that was obviously built from parts. It allegedly had less then 10,000kms on the odometer when I bought it. It now has nearly 100,000kms on it. Zero problems. (Other than the regulation Honda battery cooking episode due to rec/reg failing.) But that has happened to every Honda I and my brother have owned.
    Just change the oil and filters, ride it and enjoy.
  9. haha i like your thinking Roarin, will just ride and forget, and get it running properly :)
  10. I have a 1985 zxr 250 - go figure...as said ride the fcuker and enjoy - moar wheelies !
  11. No problem. As long as you order parts, and use the settings for tuning your bike based on the serial number of your bike, you should be fine.