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Maybe I'm safer to take L plate off?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. I've been riding for years but just getting back into it again and though I've had my licence before, I had to go through the L's test and proceudure again, which I think is a good idea.

    I've been riding only 2 weeks, this time around, and initially I thought how great everyone was for being patient and giving me lots of space on the road, but in the last week this has changed!

    So far I've been called a f@ggot, L plate poofer, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't hear through my helmet. People just yell and jeer and laugh.

    Now I couldn't care less about names or laughter - but they slow down as they overtake to yell at me, or drive next to me as they talk. Now I'm not going to speed up and endanger myself more, and get away. thing is I honestly believe that if I didn't have an L plate then I wouldn't get any of this sh1t.

    My friend got his L's same time as me and rides a stock VTR250 and on his first ride got called a f@ggot by 3 guys in a Jeep.

    I've had 2 people in the left lane speed up when they see a parked car to get in front of me (I guess because I have an L plate and I'm doing the speed limi) as I rarely ever see cars deliberatly trying to cut in on bikes.

    A passenger in a car threw a ciggarette at me yesterday.

    I mean seriously - WTF?!!
  2. fcuk it... take it off... never needed a plate when I learnt in qld... never been pulled up by police once, on the bike while learning or otherwise and now I'm riding a shitty 250 again I haven't even had a 2 cent piece look twice.

    Whats that noise? Oh I hear all the nancy girls telling you not to break the law and having a cry...over to them. Oh btw speeding is a terrible crime too good on you for not doing it ;)
  3. It's moments like those you'd wish it was legal to be able to pull a Desert Eagle 0.45 out of your jacket pocket and just point it at them or their tyres...... :twisted: :twisted:

    Unfortunately it isn't..... :evil: :evil:
  4. Well i have never heard any of that stuff as i was riding around, im on my L's. will be on P's when im confident on doing the U-turns on my 05 Hyo.

    While i havent heard anyone say nothing to me, on the occasion i do hoon around abit, well as ive riden more and more, i start to lane swap and stuff to get infront of the traffic. But the other day i rode to work, left the bike out the back of the site, went to work, rode home when i got home and started to push the bike into its place, i noticed on the back of my L-Plate were alot of words, mainly 'Back Of *unt Face', 'D*ckhead', 'F*aggot'. I asked the guys at work if someone was paying a joke cause we do stuff like that all the time, but we never use abusive language, just change 'P' to Poof or something. They said they didnt do it, so im left wondering why and who.
  5. wow,

    this beats my experience with the landcruiser.

    i think i'll stick to my 50 and quit all thoughts of gettign a 250 now.
  6. Keep it!!! Most of the drivers will take notice of the plate and be considerate. There are always those idiots, looking for someone to pick on, gay black abo chick L plate howard scooter whatever!!!!
    But you need to learn to ignore them all and concentrate on your riding. It's not about being cool and accepted. It's about riding safely etc. So in that process, you need to ignore bullies, horns etc.
  7. I found that when I was just starting out, having the L-plate seemed to alert people and give me the excuse for why I was so appauling. People gave me space and generally very forgiving.

    Once I started to be able to ride like a competent user of the road and be able to manouver around things, etc. I began to be tail gated, challenged, etc... stupid stuff, no matter what speed I was doing. After getting off Ls and tossing the plate, I was left alone.

    You've probably got to the point where people think they can pick on you and you might just wobble a bit, but not so bad you'll actually fall. I didn't take my L off, but I understand why you want to. I found that doing things with ease, looking relaxed, even 1-handed (if you can manage easily) to look like you're bored... can all send the message that you can take their sh1t. It's no fun for them if you look like you've got it all together.
  8. well, next time retort:
    only queers drive jeeps!

    apologies, big fan of the shows. couldn't pass it up:)

    where in sydney and what bike are you riding? i've never had this shit happen to me. losers. the lot of 'em.
  9. "My friend got his L's same time as me and rides a stock VTR250 and on his first ride got called a f@ggot by 3 guys in a Jeep. "

    the hardest thing about owning a jeep is telling your parent your gay!!
    maybe they were trying to pick him up !! :eek:

    if its putting you in danger get rid of the thing!!
    i cant understand peoples attitude towards learners ,we have all been there none of us were born allready able to drive or ride ,knobheads are everywhere dont underestimate there stupidity :mad: :mad:
  10. R we going to fight for our names :mad: :p :LOL:
  11. Yeah.. I copped some $hit for the first few hours of riding - all L platers do, since they slow everyone down.

    But after you've learn the basics, whilst you are generally no longer slowing people down, people still assume that you will. So they feel the need to overtake you, and they get more angry about it than when its someone without Ls, doing the same speed. BUT, L plates let people know that you are new at it, and as such they should/can choose to cut you some slack, give you some space, expect you to make a mistakes and thus be generally more wary around you. Which is what you want - but you're making a sacrifice as there will always be dicks out there.

    If you go on the freeway though, for god sake take it off!
  12. ++1
  13. Get some good gloves with massive kevlar knuckles and robs your fathers brother... :)
  14. :-k do you wear chaps and/or a pink helmet? Is your number plate GAY-69, FAG-07 or similar?

    No? Then I'd say you've just come across a few tosser yobs...are you in a high-bogan/yob incident area?

    That said, if a couple of dickheads calling you a girlyman is going to stop you riding, they might be right....now off to not ride because of the rain :rofl:
  15. LOL! :LOL:

    i need my L's as i am still very noobie,
    but if ya got the experience then maybe not bother :cool:
  16. Take it off.

    I never copped verbal abuse but used to get drivers behaving like idiots once they see the L.

    I also copped a lot of unwanted piggy attention with the L plate - I didnt get pulled once after it was gone and I act like much more of a dickhead now!

    Just leave a cable tie or bit of tape dangling where it was so you can act all surprised if you get questioned by the bacon.
  17. Regardless of legality, it can't be done.
    IMI dont make Desert Eagles in .45 :LOL:

    You have the choice of:

    .44Win Mag
    .50Action Express

    :LOL: :LOL:

    Personally I prefer G23 in .40 :grin:
  18. Amazing what bit of yellow plastic brings out in people. You'd think its
    similar to waving red in front of a bull :shock: :LOL:

    Personally, I never bought or used any L plates, & had em for the
    min 3mths before going for full license.

    Once during that time I handed my L license over to a cop (when I
    was riding a ZX7R) & they let me continue on my journey w/out
    asking about lack of L plates &/or bigger capacity engine.

    What happens if you take em off & still get the same crap? :LOL:
  19. When I had my L's for about 3 months I only coppped one or two incidents... They were verbal so I didnt think of it much... Just twist my wrist and I see them disappear in my mirrors (behind traffic)...

    Now I'm on my P's and I dont have a full license so I need to stick on a P plate. On friday nite I was cruising home on nepean hwy. I had some passenger in a white commordore roll their window down and scream at me... She must have been screaming so loud as I had my baffold removed plus I was listening to music with cx300 earphones and I still heard her :shock: I just looked over and it looked like she was drunk anyways so I just shook my head and slowly accel off...
  20. This has come up a gazillion times if you want to search the forum for other responses.

    I agree with most here. While you're wobbling around the back streets, a menace to yourself and the world, keep them on. You'll find that in that more relaxed low speed environment people seem happier to cut you some slack.

    However, once you're reasonably confident (i.e. competent enough that a normal driver can't tell you have no idea what you're doing. :)) and venturing out onto main roads then ditch them...fast!