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Mayan (media hyped) Apocalypse

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Well that was rather anti apocalyptic...


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  2. What happened?
  3. Nothing

    That's the point
  4. Where did all the dolphins go?
  5. meh
    the mayans were always so full of shit
  6. .. the Aztecs and the Incas, on the other hand.........
  7. If the Mayans were that smart they'd either still be around or would have taken off to their home planet with the intention of returning at a later stage armed with massive heat rays with the intention of terminating all human life on earth.
    Hang on.....
  8. Media created sensationalism to sell the media's sensationalist entertainment "news" stories.
  9. I just figured the Guy writing out the Mayan Calendar got the Shits with writing out the dates so far beyond his own lifetime that he tossed it in and went home, hit the piss and never returned.
    "finish on 21/12/12, yeah fcuk it! off to have a Mayan Draught and score shag"
  10. I thimk they were last heard saying "Oh and thanks for all the fish" :rofl:
  11. In fact, the world ended exactly as predicted by the Mayans. It was then instantly replaced by the world 2.0. You don't realise this, since you are now a version 2.0 of your previous self.
  12. The Mayan calendar didn't 'end' this year in any way, it was just the end of a cycle, the 13th ba'kakasdf'tast (not actual word, my retarded attempt at remembering it. pretty sure the ba' part is right) I think. They never attributed any special meaning to it, it was just another date. It'd be like claiming the world is supposed to end Dec 31st every single year because it's the end of a cycle.
  13. I think the Romans came up with this shit cause they couldn't get a calendar right either..that's why we have oooopsies like leap years :)
  14. I love Julie Goodwin's quote (MasterChef) "I'm grateful to the Mayans for giving us mayanaise"......
  15. We have opsies because the earth does not revolve around the sun in exactly 365 days but in approximately 365.25 days, hence a leap year every 4th year. to keep us up to scratch, we also have leap seconds and leap minutes every so often.
  16. Meh, the Mayan calendar ran out... why don't they do as I do when mine does... go to the news agent and get a new one!
  17. It didn't run out Blaise! Just the end of another cycle.
  18. It is only the end of b'ak'tun 13 (a 5,125 year-long cycle) :)
  19. Did youi see the show on Rome last night...The whole ancient city is still there just under the new one ??? Was amazing, and shows how fickle we really are