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May Photo Competition - Voting - CLOSED

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by goz, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Cracker month, really nice looking pics, good luck choosing a winner

    Start voting
    , Winner gets to pick the new theme for July

  2. 1 vote for unconnected
  3. mercho gets my vote
  4. 1 for smee
  5. Thanks Greg!
    I'm going with unconnected
  6. 1 vote for nobby
  7. I'm with Twainharte for her shot
  8. vote one for me

    thanks smiledude & pilgrim =]
  9. Some great shots, difficult to separate them but I vote Mercho's shot.
  10. another for unconnected
  11. correction:

  12. sorry mate, it was that arse that threw me
  13. Some awesome shots this month!

    Ill go with Para this month..
  14. ^^^ .... mercho for me!
  15. Nobby for me.
  16. Unconnected gets my vote for that shot of the tower. I can never seem to get one that is any good.
  17. Mercho for me to help even up the comp.

    Too many bloody good ones though.
  18. nobbys for me to
  19. Voting closed


    Unconnected picks the new theme