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May Photo Competition - Entries - Theme = Sunrise/Sunsets - CLOSED

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' at netrider.net.au started by goz, May 2, 2011.

  1. New month..

    won the April comp so he picks this months theme

    (as chosen by cardboardtenant)
    (Should see some crackers this month)

    So if there are any pics added that is not a Sunrise/Sunsets pic, it will be deleted

    1 photo per person - Photo MUST be taken by you

  2. ahhhaaahh that was quick, noice (y)
  3. oooft, any chance of a full res smee?
  4. Ok, my stretch of the definition of sunset/sunrise.

    This was taken at sunset with the suns ray's glowing off the clouds. If it is deemed as not a sunset let me know and I'll change the picture.

  5. just shy from the top of japan's highest mountain one cold and frosty winter morning.

  6. Noosa river at sunset

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  7. sunrise malacoota easter

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  8. Pity about the power line :(


    PS: Lake Beeac Western Victoria
  9. Early Morning Sunrise

  10. [​IMG]

    Sunset over Black Mountain in Canberra
  11. Cotosloe Beach sunset over Rottnest Island, Perth, March 2010.

  12. Wow !
    I cannot compete with all the magnificent pictures already entered above, for this month, let alone with the 'camera' I had at my disposal today.
    However, please accept my 'humble' sunset from 38,000 ft, north of Kota Kinabalu this evening, on return to Hong Kong.

  13. #15 99CIBBER, May 14, 2011
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    Salamander Bay
  14. I'm way out of my league, but what the hell!

    Canberra city at night. Taken Jan 2011.

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  15. Unfortunately can't find the original and only have a reduced quality pic from FB. From the Southern Surveyor; a marine research ship.

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  16. Hmm didn't think my first post was gonna be on the photo section.
    Taken a while ago but I hope thats ok.