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May Photo Competion- Voting.

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Lets hope more people vote this month, than they did last month. :?

  2. Some real good shots taken..
    steve2909 gets my vote however.
  3. steve2909 gets my vote
  4. Twin Birds pic gets my vote.
  5. steve2909 gets my vote also.

    But special mention to Grady's Track Ready, and Deyago's Motorcycles not Permitted. :)
  6. Steve's Two 'Birds gets my vote, it is an awsome shot. Followed by Grady's track ready shot.

    Tex & Bundy
  7. I also vote for steve's two birds...............(BTW he is paying anyone that votes for his pic $10, so I will be at the front of the queue now that this news is out....thanks mate :LOL: )
  8. Where are the competition photos posted?
  9. :roll: Tunnel vision
  10. Troy gets my vote. I like engines, and the way he filled the (picture) frame with the image.
  11. yep troy has my vote aswell, i assume it the side of the mt01? Either way nice style to the design of the motor
  12. two birds for me!
  13. Grady's Daytona shot for me.

    Technically very good too - converging line to the horizon's vanishing point right in mid-frame, bike in the lower right quarter, nicely hinting at it's intent with the track in front of it but not giving too much away, the curves of the bike emphasised by being juxtaposed against the straight edges of the buillding's structure..great palette theme of yellow - nicely exposed, great use of shadow. It seems like the calm before the storm (of a loud, busy run on the track). Very evocative.


    But seriously it is great.
  14. Grady's for me too :grin:
  15. +1 :applause:
  16. Grady's triumph.
  17. Your wank was good enough to make me look at Gradys pic again and have a wank of my own... I fear you may have set a trend!

    If he had of gone 30 or 40 feet further back down pit lane with the camera, and had a 45 degree head on veiw of the left side of the whole bike in the lower right of the frame (Pretty much where the truncated image of the bike is) It would have been put on my screen saver.

    Great photo anyway Morbo. I s'pose it would have been a bit of drama setting up the Trummpy like that anyway, on what I guess was a ride day.
  18. Another one here for Steve's birds on the town.