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May need some people to help fill a court in July

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by shabby, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. the 63y/o woman is my aunty, her throat was slashed twice, raped etc etc.......

    Court told of ****, sadism
    By Elissa Hunt and Mark Buttler

    From: Herald Sun

    A TEENAGER charged over a sadistic **** and crime spree is believed to have arrived in Australia as an immigrant just two weeks before the first attack.
    Hakeem Hakeem, 19, is accused of forcing a couple to have sex, raping a 63-year-old and attacking one **** victim with a knife.

    Melbourne Police allege the Sudanese youth attacked eight people in just a week.

    Some victims were threatened with a razor blade, robbed and assaulted. Several attacks were in John Hemmings Memorial Park, near the Dandenong High School.

    A police spokesman said only two rapes had been reported by March 12, when the last attacks allegedly took place.

    But the sex crimes squad uncovered more attacks, and detectives prepared a face-fit of the attacker.

    They were set to go public about the rapes when they arrested Mr Hakeem on Monday.

    The teenager, who police say had been in the country for less than a month, is accused of raping a 35-year-old woman on March 5 in Springvale.

    Another woman was raped in Dandenong on March 10.

    It is alleged that the next day the teenager attacked a 63-year-old woman in her Dandenong home, raping and then attempting to murder her before stealing $185 at knifepoint.

    Police accuse him of assaulting another woman in Dandenong on the same day, and then robbing and assaulting a man and a woman while armed with a razor blade.

    Police allege that on March 12 Mr Hakeem used "force and fear" to make a man **** a female twice in Dandenong.

    He is accused of raping her himself and also with using a tree branch in the attack.

    Yesterday, the youth faced Melbourne Magistrates' Court briefly on 29 charges.

    Wearing a bright yellow T-shirt and looking around the courtroom, Mr Hakeem listened to the court proceedings with the help of an interpreter.

    He did not apply for bail, but his lawyer asked that magistrate Paul Grant note the youth of his client.

    Mr Grant remanded Mr Hakeem, of Wilma Ave, Dandenong, in custody to return to court in July.
  2. he's being charged as a minor, which makes it harder to live with
  3. OMG!!

    How dare they bring up his youth/age for an excuse.. I am a youth worker and so I am usually asking courts to consider peoples age.. However something like this, I believe is pre meditated and so deserves the full brunt of the law..

  4. Isn't this the guy who's only been here in Aus a couple of weeks???

    How come his ass isn't currently on a plane back to Sudan???
  5. Jeez that stinks...

    If there's one thing I truly hate it's scum like that. AGGH I feel sick.

    If you think that filling the courtroom will help, let us know, I'll do my best to be there.

    I feel so sorry for you and your family, all the best, and don't hesitate to ask if you think I can help. I hope your Aunt (and all the others) recover as best they can...

  6. So sorry to hear Shabby.
  7. Really sorry to hear this Shabby.

    I'm sure everyone on here feels for you are yours right now 100%.

    They should find out how he'd be punished for this in Sudan, and do that to him here. I'm sure it'd be brutal.

    Does someone still have human rights when 99% of society doesn't see them as human?
  8. not good , bastards like this should get death penality.
    second thought painfull death , slow painfull death .

    sorry to herar this brian, thoughts are with all
  9. thats disgusting. i cannot beleive that someone would do that. i hope your aunt recovers as well as possible and that the sentence is life. i really dont think raping more than even 1 person can be excused because he is a minor. shocking. again i hope your family recovers as best as possible.
  10. this is disgraceful.

    compared to where he is from, this bloke will get a life (IF he gets life) of luxury inside the slammer too...

    no punishment that this country administers could fit this crime, my sympathies to all affected.
  11. sorry to hear mate,when is the date????
    that prick needs to be sent to jail for life,also he should be deported back.
    i know manu people who would give a harm and a leg to live in oz,however people mis use this privilage
  12. I'm really sorry to hear that. How is your aunty? Is she coping alright?

    If only there was something harsher than the death penalty...
  13. Disgusting..... Sorry to hear about this, send our sympathies and best wishes out to your aunt.

    People liek that need to be sent back where they came from and continue with their foul acts back in their own country, and don't deserve to live in Australia.
  14. coping def not, espec to any dark skins or males
  15. The crimes were commited here, so he must be tried and if found guilty (I know, I know, but we do work on the presumption of innocence principle here), sentenced here. Following the completion of that sentence, the Govt may find he is not a suitable person to remain in the country and deport him.

    If anyone thinks the sentence recieved is too lenient, then find out which facility he ends up in, and give a few cartons of cigarettes to the right person.

    Your Aunty will take some time to work through this no doubt. Good counselling and a good ear will help greatly. My best wishes for a full recovery.
  16. So sorry to hear about this happening to anyone but it hits home harder when it's this close to home! Like everyone else I wish her well and I'd be happy to pull the lever if they bring back the death penalty for crimes like this!
  17. Sorry to hear about your Aunt. Best wishes for a speedy recovery both physically and mentally to all that were affected by this sick individual.

    Question: How come this person is being charged as a minor. Surely at 19, he is considered an adult?
  18. I am really sorry to hear about your tragedy Shabby. Best wishes to your Aunt and hope that her life has not completely disintergrated as can often occur when you endure a horrific attack.

    As for the *#@*^head that committed the crime, just watch how gently he will be treated in the courts and then to top things off, probably be allowed to remain in this country. He should be sent straight home to the country where he claims is unlivable due to violence and torture. HA! What an irony. :evil: :evil: :twisted: :twisted:
  19. Please, just tell me where to send the cigarettes to.