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May need some assistance from somebody on the Gold Coast.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. I'm looking to buy a 2nd car and I've found one that seems to fit the bill. Problem is, the car is on the Gold Coast and I'm housebound here in Wollongong.

    If the photos and the description are correct, then it will be a good deal, but what I need is someone who knows what to look for in a car to go and look at it for me and tell whether it's as good in the metal as it appears in the pictures.

    Is there a NR member in the area who'd be able to go and do an inspection for me if it becomes necessary?

    Any assistance would be gratefully received.
  2. Mmmm, I AM an NRMA member, too. I'll ring and ask. Thanks.
  3. An RACQ inspection is pretty good, from my experience they can be pretty pedantic, even about minor scratches/scuffing. Last one I had done had a picture of pretty much every stonechip he found on the front bumper (and there were not many!). Money well spent.

    Other then that, depending on where in the Gold Coast (which is a big place!) it is, I am happy to take a gander for you rc. When buying sight unseen the more eyes-on reports you can get the better I suppose.
  4. Thanks, GPM, I'll let you know if I need it. :)
  5. Phil, what suburb is the vehicle in?

    If its near the Burleigh area I can get one of my colleagues to have a look for you (one of the joys of being a car salesman :p)
  6. oooh Dan your in for it now! WELLLl at least your not a real estate agent.
  7. I'm not sure, yet, guys. I'm waiting till he sends me some pictures of the interior of the car before I commit any further. If they look good, I'll get more details. Thanks again.