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May Mystery Ride - SEQ Sun 30 May 2010

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by Dan76, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Time for a Mystery Ride!!

    Sunday 30th May.
    Meet Caltex Nerang 8.00am for 8.30am departure.

    Ride is approx 250kms, some open roads, some twisties, all fun!

    Suit moderate to competent riders.

    If attending please PM me you name, number, bike colour & type, emergency contact name, number and relation to you. If I already have your details just post that you are coming.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask, just don't ask where we are going coz I ain't telling!! :D


    Dave CBR600 Brown
    Christie +1
    licensed (maybe)
  2. Yeah sure.
  3. :D im in

    and I'm sure you have my details somewhere
  4. sounds good, count me in , but will need a fuel stop 1/2 way .
  5. Count me in Dan. You have my details.
    I think I have an idea of at least one road you are heading to on this ride....
    P.S. The Oxley is a bit far to make in one day, plus it's more than 250km.
  6. Dan, how are you a victim when you are organising it?
  7. Dunno mate, do you think I need a different title? (be nice now!)
  8. You think you know?? But I am very very sneaky!

    If only the Oxley was closer :-({|=
  9. Well there's maybe organiser, but that's lame.
    How about Man of Mystery - not quite as lame :p
  10. There you go, I removed myself completely.
    Now its the blind leading the blind on the Mystery Ride!! =D>
  11. I have a nice blindfold if you want to get that a try. It's got a fluffy padding.
  12. Gday guys
    Am new to this forum but have been riding bikes on and off since 2002. At this stage i am a maybe but will certainly work towards being there if yas are willing to take me (moderate skill level but can hold my own - so to speak). I will give you my necessary details soon.Cheers
  13. You are more than welcome Dave.
    Its a good bunch of friendly people that turn up for these rides.
  14. one little request, can we skip playing rally this one, radiator with out any grill or guard had me a little on guard last time.
  15. Get a Rad Guard ;)

    I'm gonna do a Reccy Run sometime over the next few weeks, will advise if there are any "rally" patches.

    But seriously, get a guard! Was my first extra on my bike.
  16. yeah it is on the shopping list, it is before the smoke / dark windscreen .

    1/2 way thru the first stage of run in .
    When it goes to dealer, for the termis and check up, was going to get it fitted then. Unless i can find a better source.
  17. Gday Guys,
    just wondering if anyone is coming down from Brissy for this ride. i am located at Loganholme, so can meet you somewhere or am happy just to meet at nerang.
    Let us know

  18. A group meet at morningside caltex around 7 and then head down wynum road, then gateway.

    Usually we pick some people up on they way , they normaly sit at an off and see the group
  19. Ben I've been on the reccy run with Dan today and unfortunately his route does include the Beechmont Rally Stage. I swear it is getting better every time I ride through it. There was hardly any gravel there and we were actually overtaking cars in the corners of the section.

    Good ride and route though. A bit more open i.e. faster than the last hinterland run. Perfect sportsbike roads.
  20. yeah , should have the guards in by then , and yeah ,when bike was cleaned i did find stones wedged in the radiator, so such a great bike but it has some teething hiccups.