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May have just pruchased this!!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Hicksey11, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Gunna have some real fun now.

    But what mods to do hmmm.....?

    So excited I spelled purchased wrong haha...
  2. Very nice pruchase. ;) Have fun.
  3. got a funny feeling it isnt gonna look in your garage, reckon it'd look better in mine :) congrats on the nice set of wheels!!
  4. another wanker bike
  5. lol, Goz, harsh?
  6. Lol at Goz....gixxers seem to have that tag, such a shame since they are actually a fantastic sports bike. Agreed lots of wankers own them for 'sick ****' status, but you can't take away their credibility as a top bike.

    So 600 or 750 op?
  7. Wow, generalisations are rife in this place.
  8. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    600 or 750???
  9. [​IMG]

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  10. Thanks Guys.

    Hey Goz, stuff it up ya jumper haha....

    Ahh its a 600. The reason I bought this bike is I just loved the way it handled when I test rode one a couple of months back.

    I wouldve gone for a 1000cc but insurance costs are a killer for a 20 year old and I wanted something that I can flick into corner and have a bit of fun on before I step up to the big league.
  11. Ok. So I have had my bike for 2 weeks now and havnt added any pics. So here you go.

    I have added:
    Oggy Knobs
    Rad Guard
    Pazzo Levers
    Tail Tidy
    Seat Cowl
    Also I have De-Stickered it (Well the ones I wanted gone)

    Future things:
    Full Yoshi system
    Power Commander
    Tinted Screen
    Side Tank Grips
    New Rear sets (Possibly)



  12. nice commodores
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  13. Nice bike.
  14. I have two words to say

    "Tron It"
  15. Quick question mate, why have you gone a 600 if your going to try and up the power with expensive mods? Wouldn't it have made more sense to just go for the 750?
  16. Hey Sheeth

    Basically it came down to Insurance. Being 20 insurance on anything is a killer.

    The 750 was $2,800 a year
    The 600 was $850 a year.

    That was the main reason behind my purchase.



  17. Fair call!

    Who are you insured with??
  18. NRMA of all people. I thought for sure they would be the most expensive.


  19. Harsh coming from a Harley lover lol!
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  20. Saw one of these at Peter Stevens today. Nice looking bike.
    Have fun