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May have had bike stolen today (or was it towed)

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by sbb, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Bike has gone today, parked in the street in leichhardt.

    Now there are bikes everywhere in streets around here (including one right near where mine was) parked all day .. when there are two hour (free) limits.

    so anyone heard of bikes being towed? If it has how do I find out?

    Or is it as I suspect, someone has flogged it :-(

    as the other bike that is parked nearby for days on end is still there.

  2. ... now 99.999% sure it is stolen

  3. sorry to hear it looks like there is a drz stealing spree going on at the moment I hope you have full comp and good luck with it.
  4. well they are such tops bikes .. is understandable i suppose.

    i absolutely loved mine .. and had it all setup perfectly after the usual experimenting.

    is insured .. market value, plus an allowance for the mods .. still probably not what it is worth, but better than nothing :)

    hope yours turns up!

  5. Sounds like skulduggery to me, I'd report it asap. If bike theft is anything like homicide the first 48 hours are crucial.

    OK I've been watching a bit of tv...

    Very sorry to hear though.
  6. ah that sucks you are like me only had market value and drz's second hand market value isnt that great. I guess just use it as a learning experience as I now have. I now know that ill make sure all my mods are listed on the policy and only to do agreed value from now on. Ive long given up with my bike. They are giving me a new bike as it was just over a year old and I managed to negotiate 2000$ for the mods but ill still have to pay 1200 for insurance and 500 for the excess so that kinda sucks. Ive lost afew grand because not everything was listed on the policy but oh well shit happens man
  7. yeah it is already reported .. but can't see it appearing again.

    only thing that annoys me on the market value is that mine was a 2005, but was super well looked after .. so that won't come into play in the valuation.

    seeing i had bought it second hand and have the mods covered .. i shouldn't lose too much i hope.

    only good thing was that it was booked in for a service tomorrow, so by it going today I have managed not to lose that money.

  8. interesting... PM me who was going to service your bike. I only asked because I went to my mechanic to book something in the day before my bike got nicked. Maybe its just coincidence, maybe not

    with the insurance stand your ground with the mods they will probably try and **** you on it. they only offered me 700$ at first and I was grumpy and told them what I thought then with abit more talking and showing them how much it would cost if I was to replace all the parts which was just over 2000$, they came back with a 2000$ offer and er settled on that.

    Also are you a member of thumpertalk forums? looks like afew aussies have had their drz's or drz parts stolen from that forum. I wonder if these thieves eye off these forums. : /
  9. if they are becoming popular to steal .. i think it is because they are now becoming known as a great fun (non-boring) commuter .. when i got mine there wasnt many about .. now they are everywhere.

    not a fan of the new white/black/blue one .. too many colours ... but at this rate, might end up with one

  10. Sorry to hear, hope to catch up with them and go medieval on there asses
  11. not good at all... hope you find it in one
  12. cops just called ..

    has been found in a back lane in glebe ... apparently hotwired. but no (visible) damage.

    now to try and get it from the compound it is being put in, in Alexandria...

    anyone know any good bike shops in that area that I can take it straight to?

    now to call insurance company to see what the deal is .. maybe I shouldn't have claimed so soon. oh well :)

    cross fingers it is either still mechanically OK or a mechanical writeoff and not inbetween.

    i really don't understand why it was abandoned in a laneway? Joyriders? weird!

  13. i take my bike here: bms

  14. thanks,

    sounds like as i have lodged a claim, insuremyride will now pick it up and take it for assessment .. but still waiting on their call back.

    also got a call from the fingerprint department .. and seeing the bike had been out in rain and really, not much to fingerprint on a drz anyway.

  15. well that's better news than not finding it at all, or finding it with most of the bits gone....
  16. update ..

    insuremyride have been pricks ... and thanks to them sending me an internal document they are actually just AAMI trading under a different name .. which explains why each time i called that they were surprised that i was referring to my bike,

    1. they never had my rego right and after 4 attempts couldnt get it updated.
    2. Had my licennce level wrong, even though they have been informed.

    now onto this claim ...

    they took bike to collide-a-scope for assessment ...

    - it sat there for 3 weeks without being looked at.
    - then guy assessed it (had been dropped and damage all up righthand side) and sent quote to AAMI, oops IMR.
    - then AAMI/IMR approved the quote last week and said collide-a-scope had been given go ahead on repairs.

    -today (4 weeks after claim) got call from AAMI/IMR to tell me it was being written off and that it wasn't actually given go ahead. so was told wrong stuff last week.

    also in policy i got 14days car hire covered. I argued that AAMI/IMR held my bike for 3 weeks without doing anythign to it and i was now without transport but they refused to be of assistance, even with me having work and medical requirements meaning i need non-public transport, transport regularly.

    so now adding up all the costs .. has cost me more to be insured than not plus a month and counting without a bike.

    so don't believe that IMR is specially tailored for bikes .. you go to the same call centre as AAMI and i have written proof.

    so, no bike, no money, no transport, no way to get to my doc appointments.

  17. and they advertise here :shock:
  18. what f*uckers! that's bullshit!

    and there's no visible damage?? how the hell could it be a write-off?? explain?? (i know how there could be... but is there?)

    i will NEVER go with IMR now
  19. That’s not good news at all. Insurance company trying to cover their backs, working very slowly and generally not doing a good job of getting you back on your feet in this case bike.

    I would definitely feel hard done by if that’s the case. I used to be with AAMI for my car insurance, I guess this solidifies my decision to leave.
  20. Why didn't you enquire about the car rental when you put your claim in at the beginning?