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May Competition: Road Sack riders backpack

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, May 1, 2009.

  1. For this month's competition, members have the chance to win a new and revolutionary backpack specifically for riders - the Road Sack - valued at $100.


    or use the Competition link in the left-hand side navigation menu.
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  2. It's got a condom dispenser??
  3. Did I win already?
  4. Hmmm, they need a good proofreader as well as having a quirky turn of phrase. . .Perhaps I should arrange for one to contact them. :grin:
  5. I KNOW my eyesight's bad, but I failed utterly to find any mention anywhere on that web-site of the carrying capacity of the bag. I guess someone else will have a chance to win it.....
  6. Click "Features" along the top, then click the row of images along the bottom. Clicking on each image will load a different page with details about bag. That which you seek is within one of these.
  7. mouth has eyes :LOL:

  8. Dammit Jase, don't give him the answers :p
    What chance do I have now? hahaa
    If I DO win, can you make sure the prize gets delivered tho? I'm still waiting on that airbag jacket I was spose to win about a year ago :cry:
  9. Hey Deb,

    The airbag jacket should have been delivered to you. I spoke to the man himself at the expo on the Gold Coast.

    Looks like another one of these "milk them for all they're worth" type of people.

    We've changed the way we do things with the comp. We now require businesses to send us the goods so we have them on hand to give out to winners. Yet it costs us money that way but at least the winners will get their prizes.
  10. Glad that one got answered. I spent 10 minutes going over & over & over.

    Didn't even think of looking at the pictures. :shock:
  11. I found the answer immediately. It then took me ten minutes to find my password.
  12. i had to find my member no. :LOL: glad i didnt have to remember password as well!
  13. Just a little feedback on the backpack.

    The unit seems to be of good quality, the material nice and bright and those big mofo zippers make for easy opening with gloves on.

    Plenty of compartments to store your stuff, it has a quick access panel on the front so you don't have to unzip the main compartment.

    The shoulder straps are plenty adjustable so the thing sits at a nice height on your back.

    The BUTS, well, I have one but about the product.

    It has a waist strap that has a buckle that secures the pack to your body so the pack doesn't flap around when you are doing mach 2.
    This strap is long enough if you are built like me, you know, buff, svelt, athletic, etc etc.......NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The waist strap is just a tad short for me, ok, it may be some 2-3" too short.

    However, after relaying my findings to the distributor, they are going to produce an extension belt for the product and will also put the belt in stock pending manufacturer's approval.

    Jason just managed to get the pack on and the buckle done up with his fancy bulky FA18 pilot suit on ;)

    I've just resigned to the fact that I'm a fat fcuk :)

    If only all other businesses listened to feedback and acted upon it as soon as these folk did.

    10 points to RoadSack for listening.

    Good luck to all those that entered the competition.
  14. Sorry Deb,

    the prize will not be forthcoming.

    Hit-Air claim the following;

    Didn’t get to define the competition or prize
    Didn’t get any feed back from the competition: eg. numbers; contacts; etc.
    Didn’t get a winner name
    Didn’t get any value from it.
    I have sent them an email in response.

    To be honest, I expected better from them. I've known this company for many years and I thought I had built up a decent relationship with the boss man. It seems I was wrong.

    We will now treat this company with the same disrespect that it showed this community. I urge this community to return the favour :cheeky: :cheeky: :cheeky: :butt: :butt: :butt: :mad:
  15. Vic, if it doesn't fit around your six pack then it probably won't fit around my keg... yet I have still entered the comp.
  16. Fear not my man, the extension belts are in the making ;)
  17. We have last months winner ;)

    Tony D
    Member Number 2169

    Congratulations, you are our first backpack winner.
  18. Dude, you misspelt my name again. Oh and I think you got my member number wrong too. No matter, what time should I call around and pick it up? :grin:
  19. As those who read this thread will know, the backpack did not cater for "reverse camels" (my hump is in the front).

    After some feedback to Roadsack, they have come up with a waist belt extension that adds 10" to the waist belt.

    Here is what they have said.

    They can be found here www.roadsack.com
  20. Interesting news Vic.