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May be a silly question, but it had to be asked..

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by nightridingjog, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Hey boys hows everyone riding?? Safely i hope... anyhows, i cant seem to find an actual name for the engine in my scoot.. You know like how silvia's have sr20's, and rexxies have EJ20's, skylines with RB25's, etc etc

    the reason im asking this is because the range of aftermarket scooter stuff in my shitty town is next to none, meaning im goin to have to start ordering stuff on the net.. And as i dont know what engine i have, its not easy..

    I have a 2002 model jog.. All i can find is that they are marinelli* horizontal cylinder 2 stroke engines.. No actual name though...

    anyhows, thanks for the help boys, sorry if its a stupid question or whatever, but bear with me, i made the transition from cars to scooters so im just slowly getting it...

    i got a Leo Vince racing exhaust put onto the beast last week.. Bought that top end upto 75... :) :) i'll take some photos today and get them up tonight...

    F*ck thats a long one boys... Ride safe out there... :)

    harris out
  2. How lazy????
    Try Yamaha :!:
  3. What's with all this "boys" stuff... :?
  4. maybe we should 4give him.. he's only 20 and rice cooker and I know that theres lots of girls riding bikes out there but the newbie doesnt know, lets give him another chance :wink:
  5. Was thinking that too as I read that! :?
  6. So are you into scooter racing at the track?

    If not, just sell your current scoot and get one with more cc - the whole process will cost less than modding it - and you'd get less power through mods than through just getting more cc. Not to mention that a stock bigger cc will be more reliable and have longer engine life.
  7. It's not like we've released the hounds. Yet ;)

    Welcome to NR, nightridingjog, remember to be inclusive in your posts next time. The last time most of us girls checked, we were still girls, not boys.

    In the meantime, as 2wheelsagain suggested, contact Yamaha, they might be able to help you with Aussie distributors.

  8. I think you should let me check, just so we can be certain.
    I'll provide the certificate of authenticity upon completion of my findings :)
  9. has anyone noticed he hasn't made another post at all? ... one post, no "hello i'm..." stuff... and .. and...

    :-O HE USED US!!!!!