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Featured [May 9, 2015] Sydney/Putty loop/easy riders (NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Bogotron, May 7, 2015.

  1. Hi Netriders , last minute ride.
    We have 3-4 people riding already, couple a friends of mine.
    2 ×sportbike 1-2×Cruiser so far.
    1st meet point 6am 9/5/15 Bp Nrth Mona Vale.
    2nd point Galston Gorge entry @ hornsby 6:40 then head to 3rd point Shell servo Wilberforce
    7:30 fuelup+ quick brekky/ coffee.
    Let me know which point you will meet us at!!!
    Departing Shell Servo Wilberforce @ 8am.
    Ride Putty rd up to greygum cafe for a break then further North to Singleton fuel stop.
    Take note its Approx 175kms from Wilberforce to Singleton with no fuel inbetween!
    Return on Paynes Crossing Rd.
    1 or 2 breaks on way to Old Pac Hwy rest stop / End.
    Looking to keep a steady fun pace at *legal limit* so L and P's are welcome although if you are a total novice on twisty rds please dont try to keep up if it means riding outside of your limit .
    Weather looking good although please be aware there will be debri/unkown rd surfaces from recent storms , hence our cruisy pace.
    Hope you can join us for a fun Autumn cruise.
    Cheers ,

  2. Hi some killer, bladder buster, potholes around and a lot of councils still working on repairing. Still debris in parts as well up the Hunter/Central Coast area as well (I am in Cessnock currently). Quite dangerous at night :(
    Have great ride though!
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  3. Hi some killer, bladder buster, potholes around and a lot of councils still working on repairing. Still debris in parts as well up the Hunter/Central Coast area as well (I am in Cessnock currently). Quite dangerous at night :(
    Have great ride though! The local touristy businesses up this way are doing it tough as people staying away...:(
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  4. The old road wasn't too bad today -- just a small amount of loose stuff on the very edges of maybe 2-3 corners.
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  5. Thanks oldmaid I gathered this might be the case, will be on high alert and update any hazards encountered on route.Hope the hard hit communities get a chance to recoup this week and we get more fair weather in future.
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  6. As nobody has confirmed attending i will be changing departure times an hour forward to suit one of my softer buddys who says its too cold at 6am lol
    will be leaving bp mona vale 7am if anyone keen!
  7. Update : So my final 2 (mates) have dropped out deciding they will have more fun at throttle roll than actually riding , fair enough can respect lovers of bike p0rn .
    Easyriders has become Lonerider
    thread end ....delete.......delete......
  8. I am heading back to Sydenery early tomorrow from Cessnock. Looking like a pea-souper coming down...will be doing the old pac from Somersby so may see you as you go by...be blowing an awful lot of shit out of my head so catch me if you can :p

    might stop at the pie for old times' sake but likely not be able to get off bike because of my big fat Kriega and my stumpy short arse fat little legs (ha unless I can find a ledge to help!)
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  9. Lol maid thats too funny ahhhhhaaaa i might just do 50 old pac passes till ive burnt every corner into my arse!
  10. 20150509_121433.
    epic ride !
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  11. 20150509_132757.
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  12. Grav3diggaGrav3digga I'm just up the road from you (Scotland Island) tag me next time you fancy a ride.
    I'm no stranger to the Old Road, Bells Line, RNP, and other well traveled routes.
    I should be able to introduce you to other Netriders too.
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  13. Awesome Womble will do that for sure, was looking over at the island on the way back wondering wheres Womble and which bike is his in the Church point carpark !
    Cheers, Grave.
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  14. I took a group on the Windsor, Putty, Broke, Wisemans loop yesterday with a lunch stop at the Wollombi pub ... for the last time. Their prices have gone through the roof on both food & drinks so if you stop there be prepared to be ripped off. $16 for a pie & peas, $6.40 a schooner of mid strength is so over priced compared to other locals in Paxton & Ellalong. I also noticed crowds were down so maybe word has spread ... hope so.
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  15. Any comments on what the Putty & Wollombi roads were like? Keen to head out that way tomorrow... :)
  16. Hi Sleepy approx 2-3 kms fromNrth exit of Putty has that moss that everyone talks about it seemed as if it was built up more on the entry of the corners heading south and exit heading north few patches, i noticed in that area you do see a build up on the outer edges near the railing before hitting the actuall moss on rd.
    Other than that rd was in great condition not much debri just the usuall fallen small dead branches here and there.
    Wollombi section of rd had a couple of gnarly potholes but only on some of the straights didnt notice on corners , few patches of gravel near properties driveways.
    There is also a fair bit of overgrown shrub/weed through section which lowered visibility turning into corners but otherwise i felt the surface was reasonable given the fact its a pretty bloody bumpy old road .
    only other thing to think about is direction of travel, i came up from old pac hwy doing the northeast to southwest loop and the mid morning sun glaring through the trees made combined with my dark tinted visor made for some piss poor vision of the road alot of the time .
    was a great ride cant wait to do it again .
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  17. +1 to the above, did the loop yesterday and apart from a bumpy and slightly pot holed Wollombi Road everything else is tip top. I didn't notice too much moss on the Putty but it pays to look out for it. Just watch out for debris cause by this pain in the arse wind.
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  18. Thanks icemakericemaker and Grav3diggaGrav3digga . The wind is really pissing me off too - basically the whole reason I'm not out there today.
  19. Sheesh Sapey thats bloody ludicrous , it would want to be a gourmet pie and craftbeer for that kind of money....wont be stopping by there in a hurry .
    We need a Harry's Cafe de Wheels up that way !,
    Pea pie n chilli dogs till the cows come home.