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VIC [May 8, 2016] Grampians "Ride to Remember" - Sunday 7 February 2016 (Ararat, VIC)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Fr33dm, Nov 3, 2015.

Grampians "Ride to Remember" - Sunday 7 February 2016
Start Date: May 8, 2016 08:00
End Date: May 8, 2016 11:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Ararat Performing Arts Centre
225 Barkly Street
Ararat, VIC 3377

Posted By: Fr33dm

Confirmed Attendees: 0
You can not RSVP for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
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    You are invited to attend annual Grampians "Ride to Remember" - 174km ride that starts from Ararat at 9am sharp and travel to the fringes of the magnificent Grampians National Park including the townships of Moyston, Pomonal to Halls Gap for morning tea (45 minutes), then travels on through the Grampians National Park to Yarram Gap Rd, onto Willaura and back via Moyston to Ararat for a relaxing BBQ in the Alexandra Gardens.

    Route map:

    : $30 for Riders and Pillions and includes a complimentary Barbecue Luncheon Pass, a Show-bag with a Commemorative 2016 Grampians "Ride to Remember" Badge and complimentary bottled water which will be handed out following the event.

    The Grampians "Ride to Remember" is hosted by the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation - Ararat Branch with all the proceeds from the 2016 event going towards their current project to raise $150,000 for the 'Jason Bond' Perioperative Unit at East Grampians Health Service (Ararat Hospital).

    PLUS ON THE DAY: Enter your motorcycle in the Show N Shine which is proudly sponsored by Shannon's Insurance and Wimmera Motorcycle Co - Horsham. Entry is FREE with great prises and trophies on offer.

    For further information check out the following:

    Police Blue Ribbon - 2016 Grampians Ride to Remember

    ONLINE BOOKINGS: Grampians Ride to Remember 2016

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  2. Couldn't get there last year, might have to find a milker.
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  3. Count me in too, but someone will probably have to remind me, 'cause I'm bound to forget!

    Edit: Just thinking about my poor confused bike being in the show and shine, I don't think they'd have a category for it. LOL!
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  4. I won't let you forget JozlynJozlyn . ;) Rus LerRus Ler I hope there's enough time for you to find a milker. It would be great to see you there.
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  5. Local bike club has just sent out a flier for this too, milkers can be hard to come by GoldenberriGoldenberri but I have a local teenager that does a bit for me
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  6. Great! Would love to see you guys. If it is of any help, you can stay Saturday night here with me, so we can have a nice pre-ride catch up over a beer or two ;)
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  7. hi its smithy on Bendigo, thinking of coming over for the Grampians ride in feb, would like to wonder over saturday and just wondering would you have any room for me to throw out a swag for the saturday night or if not know of any close camping spots, would be much appreciated, i am new to thiss ite so not really sure how this all works, cheers smithy
  8. Hi smithy65smithy65 , I think Fr33dmFr33dm is a bit busy at the moment and not on line, so in the meantime, stay tuned! :happy:
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    I'm in, will be coming back from a week off - woo hoo - this is what happens when kids owe you money, anyone for a trip to Bright or thereabouts :woot::woot:

    Dont forget to save me a bed, or floor, or lawn in the back yard
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  10. hi and thanks, no dramas, will catch up latter cheers smithy
  11. Hey everyone. There are just 3 weeks left before we ride again, and this time through the heart of the Grampians stopping for tea break in Halls Gap. Thank you to all who already registered, those who are considering to come over for a day, please do, you won't regret it. It is a well organised ride for a good cause through some of the best country Vic has to offer.

    I assume GoldenberriGoldenberri, Stever42Stever42 and Rus LerRus Ler are coming on Saturday, the night before, and are staying with me. JozlynJozlyn please let me know if you and hubby would like to stay Saturday night too. smithy65smithy65, I'm sorry it took me forever to reply, but as I've said in my PM to you, you are welcome to stay with me, would be great opportunity to meet the others.
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  12. Yes, need to get organised and register.
    Fr33dmFr33dm , yes , will happily accept your offer if you are sure you have the room.
    Looking forward to the ride and catching up / meeting everyone on Saturday and Sunday.
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  13. Hi again and thanks. looking forward to meeting as many as possible, i will wonder over saturday with bike and swag, should be a great weekend, like i said i am easy going and happy to go with the flow, will be in contact as we get a bit closer, much appreciate you getting back to me, like i mentioned earlier i am new to all this so let me know if there is any thing i need to be doing as a new member, cheers smithy
    ps if anyone else is riding over from Bendigo way as well on saturday feel free to join up.
  14. Yep, your shout on Sat. Night :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:(y)(y)
    I may becoming through Bendigo on Saturday, not sure yet
  15. Hi Fr33dmFr33dm, I'm still on track to come, hubby wont be though and yes, I'd very much like to stay at your place Saturday night!
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  16. Great! Thanks for letting me know Jo :happy:. Will be terrific to catch up again!

    Thanks Steve, are you coming with your lovely partner? There will be room for everyone, no worries.

    Hopefully I won't forget how to ride after 3 weeks off my bike :wideyed::nailbiting:. Will have to go around the block coupla times to remind meself as soon as i'm back next week!

    Rus LerRus Ler, all the best with your ride! I'm not at all jealous driving my car along these gorgeous roads in the High Country and Gippsland :sour:. In Mallacoota today. I want to live here.......
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  17. Hi Fr33dmFr33dm, yes, Sandra will be coming too.

    Will you book a table somewhere for dinner again ?
    We might get group rates this time :)
  18. Fantastic! Would love to see Sandra again :happy: Your room from last year is yours (y)

    I wish!! Town will be full of hungry bikers as well as construction workers (western highway and windmill farm). I can book us a table, but as you remember my place is about 15-20 min walking away. I can drive 4 in my car, the other two will have to ride, or we all walk there and back. The other option is to take away fish&chips or pizza and have drinks at home. GoldenberriGoldenberri, JozlynJozlyn , Rus LerRus Ler and smithy65smithy65 what do you think guys?
  19. Im easy, 20 min walk there - how long to get back?
    Take away might be easier or you girls might like to show off you culinary skills (y)(y)
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