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[May 8, 2015] Free Weekend Away L/P Only! (PORT MACQUARIE)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by TWEET, Feb 7, 2015.

Free Weekend Away L/P Only!
Start Date: May 8, 2015 07:00
End Date: May 10, 2015 15:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Port Macquarie


Posted By: TWEET

Confirmed Attendees: 0
You can not RSVP for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
  1. Dates: May 8-10 inclusive. Limited to 4 people.

    Tweetums brings the L/P riders another excellent weekend on the bike, and best of all your accommodation is FREE!

    Bring your fuel, food and where needed beer money and that's it.

    This will be an excellent chance for noob riders to gain experience on some of the best roads in Australia in a small group and at a pace everyone can enjoy.

    Plan will be to leave Sydney on Friday morning and return Sunday morning.

    The accommodation will be of an excellent standard as I don't do pubs, backpackers, cardboard boxes, tents etc
    The accommodation will have laundry facilities and lock up bike parking with private facilities (subject to availability)
    Bedding will be single or King single beds or better.
    Here's how it will work:

    The ride is only open to;

    1) people who are on L's or P's and for P riders, only those who have held their P's for LESS than 6 months at the time of the ride.

    2) Sydney residents.

    I will be checking your license to verify the above.

    3) those with a bike that can maintain 90km/h as a minimum. No scooters.

    In order to secure your place, you will need to pay $75 to me upfront.
    I bet you are asking why you need to pay for a ride that's free??

    It's simple...if I just let anyone and everyone say they are "IN" and allocate them a spot, experience tells me that some of them will not even bother to turn up, or they will suddenly contract Ebola, H1N1 etc and pull out at the last minute, which means someone else who would have gone misses out.

    That's annoying given I pay for the accommodation to bring these rides to you and it ends up wasted. Where I stay isn't cheap!

    Here is the good part. When you turn up on the day of the ride, you will get 100% of your $75 back from me. If you pull out at anytime before the ride or fail to turn up, you will lose 100% of your $75.

    If people invest something, they are not usually flippant and careless with committing and they give it some thought before throwing their hand in the air.

    Express your interest.... Ask questions etc.
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  2. Not that I could attend your ride, but license checks? Lol haven't had a good laugh for a while. Thanks officer tweet
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    Might be too far for L and Ps
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  4. It's what I'd o best ;)
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  6. Will you have had P's <6 months at the time of the ride?
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  8. Hmm what if I ride like a learner,can I come then? :p . Your a good man for putting this on for the noobs mate. Have fun
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  9. Tweet, this is a brilliant idea to get others to ride some beautiful roads, and also keeps the regulars from filling up the spots :D :D :D

    I hope the newer rides take up this offer!!! Free accommodation doesn't happen often, and it is an awesome apartment!
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  10. I ride a 125, can I come?
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    Why not?
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  12. Great ideas TWEETTWEET! Unfortunately I'm not from Sydney....maybe miss out on one or two other things too...
    Talk about "skin of your teeth" OldmaidOldmaid! (Where the f*** did that saying come from, anybody know?)
  13. Biblical Book of Job 19:20...
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  14. #14 Petesul, Feb 8, 2015
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    Knew you'd have an answer, now to do some research ....again!;)
    Did Job publish any non-biblical work that we know of?
  15. If you meet the criteria and your bike can maintain 90km/h as a minimum then yes.
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  16. It is of course designed to get newer riders who haven't experienced such great roads to come and enjoy what we know so well, and to give them a chance to learn about riding on all sorts of roads away from traffic.

    I have found that the noobs of now are different to those of say 5 years back in that it seems much harder to convince them to come on the journey. I know over the years there have been a few noobs who have hesitantly decided to join one of these rides, and at the end of the weekend been so glad they did.

    If we get no takers, you are welcome to come along ;)
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  17. I'm totally up for this. I'm currently on my L's, however should (hopefully) be on P's by then but for only about 2 months. I've got a KTM RC390 so should be fine for speed.

    Can i ask how you're able to get free accommodation? Certainly not knocking the offer but curious how you're able to do this without being significantly out of pocket.

  18. Police lockup after a big night!

    Apologies TWEETTWEET, a great idea!
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  20. Hahaha, sounds like my kind of scene. I'm in. Let me know where to send you my money.
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