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[May 5, 2013] Chocolate Run (Bacchus Marsh)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by GreyBM, Apr 24, 2013.

Chocolate Run
Start Date: May 5, 2013 10:00
End Date: May 5, 2013 15:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

17 Gisborne Road
Bacchus Marsh 3340

Posted By: GreyBM

Confirmed Attendees: 19
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  1. #1 GreyBM, Apr 24, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2013
    When: Sunday 5 May 2013, 9:30 am for a 9:45 am briefing and 10:00 am start.
    Meet point: Maccas, Bacchus Marsh.
    Destination: The Chocolate Mill Mt Franklin (near Daylesford)
    Distance: About 200 Km.
    Finish point: The ride will finish at Melbourne Airport Aircraft Viewing Area (just past the airport -about 25 minutes from the GPO via the Tullamarine Fwy). Please work out your best way home from here.

    Back by popular demand, and no small amount of blackmail by @goddie, the Chocolate Run is on again. For those who haven't been on one, this ride is one of the more popular Netrider events with over 80 riders attending the last one. Perhaps it’s the chocolate.

    The Ride is learner/new rider friendly and for those who have never ridden on a group ride before, this is a good ride to find out what riding in a group is all about. Because of numbers on past rides and the length of time needed to purchase our chocolate goodies, this year’s run will be relatively short at around 200 km with a rest/chocolate/food break every hour or so.

    The route will incorporate some 100kph cruisy roads along with some narrow roads and twisty bits which newer riders need to take at their own pace. However, provided you can ride at the speed limit on straight stretches and at the advisory speed sign on curves, then this ride should be suitable for you. If you haven’t been on a group ride before and are unsure, please ask.

    Short of Apocalyptic weather conditions, this ride will go ahead rain, hail or shine. However the areas we will be riding through are cold, so if it is a cool day dress warmly.

    There will be no official refuel stop during the ride.
    Fuel is available at the start point, so please fill up before commencing the ride.
    Fuel is also available at the airport about 5 km from the finish point and for anyone with a bike which struggles to make 200 km on a tank, fuel is available at the lunch break.

    Feeder Rides
    If people wish to organise their own feeder rides to get to the start point from various suburbs, I will amend this post to include details. I may also update this post from time to time to include latest info, so keep an eye out on the first post for latest details.
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  2. #2 Greydog, Apr 24, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2013
    Well, I'm in.

    @GreyBM, pls check your OP bc I think your start time vs briefing time is a little mixed up (now fixed, thx).

    And at the risk of being told to FOM, I LOLd at "good ride to find out what group riding in a group is all about." How does one "group ride by yourself"? (Aww damn, he's fixed that now too)

    In all seriousness, this is a great ride, and a much anticipated event on the NR calendar. Nice and cruisey for the most part; almost any rider can do this as long as they ride their own ride and can ride at highway speed limits. Also lots of experienced riders to turn to for advice if necessary.

    Thanks @GreyBM for running this ride again this year.
    Am looking forward to it.
  3. What time are the riders planned to arrive at the finish?

    Next week is going to be epic, so much going on and I want to attend it all!
  4. Nina This event has been designed around you and Sleepmaster. Finish will probably be late arvo but we are going straight to the Choc Mill so we will probably be in there within abuout an hour and out in perhaps another hour depending on how fast the hot chocolates can be drunk, which means you can go your own way by lunch time if you want/need to.

    @goddie, since you volunteered me to organise and lead this, I am assuming you are volunteeering to TEC.
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  5. If it was really (completely) designed around me, the start time would be a lot later!!! :sleep:
  6. Aww you are so sweet! (thinking of your new nick choc bm now)

    It will be great, you know I was quite sad for a long time when I couldn't make it last time. So looking forward to this!
  7. Omnomnomnom!

    I'm an optimistic maybe for this one.
  8. You mean Chock BM Papa Smurf??
  9. Nice! It's been a while since I went on a NR ride.

    Will def try to make it

    Thanks ChocBM. :)
  10. #11 Kitt, Apr 25, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2013
    You might as well stay here on the Saturday night ...
    Not as far to the meet point from here :)

    Depending on how I feel on the day .. I'm coming too :p

    ps @GreyBM , did the goat track not to long ago .. All good now ;)

    Also means ill be on the aprilia as the gixxer will still be in track mode :/

    and pps ... Volunteer as TEC
  11. I can't go. I'm devastated. Had the best time last year.

    But this year I am taking my mum to high tea at the Windsor for early mother's day. Have to get dressed up like a lady and eat dainty food. :grumpy:
  12. oooooooohhhh Toyota has their motorkhana on at werribee the same day... decisions.... decisions.....

    maybe.... i'll take the car, drop by werribee, do some donuts, head up to daylesford and fill the boot and the frunk with chocolate :) muhahhaha no compromise!
  13. I assume you're going to remember to set your alarm for AM, not PM this year??!
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  14. Here cometh the chocolate.
  15. You can't deprive sleepmaster of his 16 hours. Think of the children. Oh gods, won't someone think of the children?
  16. I'm in - looking forward to it :D
  17. I won't be there this time guys want to spend the weekend with my folks :)
  18. I might go if all goes well with the new tyres.
  19. Sadly no go for me this year, since I don't have a bike, yet.