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[May 25, 2014] Sunday ride 25th May 2014 (Liverpool)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Senator17, May 21, 2014.

Sunday ride 25th May 2014
Start Date: May 25, 2014 08:00
End Date: May 25, 2014 13:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Open to suggestions
Elizabeth Drive
Liverpool 2170

Posted By: Senetor17

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. Anyone interested in meeting up for a ride on Sunday 25th May 2014? Haven't got a destination in mind yet and open to suggestions. We could meet somewhere near Liverpool NSW.

  2. I'd be in for that.

    what did you have in mind for a ride half day? full day?

    Nasho run followed by breakfast at the scarborough is good leave at 8am back by midday.

    if you want to make it a full day add mac pass and KV.

    ... I'll follow the masses, if people want to do something else.
  3. bout 14 of us met up at eastern ck last saturday, went windsor-wisemens ferry-wollombi-broke then down the putty back to windsor, one of the best rides ive been on in ages. The section between wisemens and wollombi was my first time there, would love to do it again so keeping an eye on this thread
  4. Damn. Already have plans for this Sunday otherwise I'd be so in.
  5. Id be in but Im fcuking working, first Sunday I would have worked in quite a few years.
    If that by some miracle changes Ill come along.
  6. Hi Bill I'll join in the fun
  7. How about 8:30 start at BP/Trooper Lu's at Moorebank, then Nasho and straight to Scarborogh Hotel for Breaky, then on to Mac Pass and Kangaroo Valley for lunch. I've been to the pub in the middle of town (The Friendly Inn) for lunch and the food is pretty good, unless of course someone has a better idea. Then back home the way we came. What does everyone think?
  8. If you come back via Mittagong - Hill Top - Picton - Narellan - Leppington -Moorebank then you travel 138 kms over some good riding roads . Worth a thought>
  9. Hi Guys,

    Am in for this one tomorrow, but as I live close to Nasho, can I meet-up with you guys at the ticket booth of the National Park at Farnell Avenue at say 9:00am or so?

    I will ride with you guys and have lunch at Kangaroo Valley but I will head back the same way rather than going west, so you guys can continue via Mittagong...etc
  10. Am not sure if this ride is going ahead or not, as I received no response.

    I just received a message from Clint's wife saying he is in hospital after colliding with a car on Thursday! It sounds serious
  11. Meet you at nasho booth at waterfall we're just leaving moorebank now hope to see you there cheers bill
  12. Thats terrible news, hope its not too serious. And he just got a new bike to play with.:(
  13. Sorry mate, got your reply a bit too late and the wife and kids were all over me, so the ride was out of the question, as I couldn't escape the house in time :)
  14. Yeah, I hope it's not too serious too. I will call his wife this week to check on him. She did say "he won't be riding for a while!" :(
  15. Got a message from Clint's wife last saying that he will be in hospital for the next 6 weeks.

    Broken Leg, Broken Pelvis, Cracked Lumbar Vertebrae, Broken Right Elbow, Deep Laceration to front and back of right thigh plus countless bruises!

    The accident happened last Thursday at the National Park on the way to Bald Hill.

    He must have been giving his new bike a run, as he only took delivery of it last Monday I believe.

    His wife said that having his full gear on is what saved his life.
  16. So sorry to hear about Clint, please pass on our best wishes, Steve & I were very sorry to hear of his fall. Hope he gets better very soon, it sounds quite serious. Does anyone know what happened?
  17. Sorry we missed you, Steve remebered you from the previous ride. I'll keep posting rides as they come up. Any interest in doing a track day? I'm booked in on Sept 14 this year at SMSP.
  18. Oh man, that doesn't sound good. Give him our best wishes and I hope he gets better soon.
    The dreaded Nasho strikes again, I think in the past month or two I have seen 3 bike offs and heard of one fatality. Its can be a treacherous bit of road as large parts of it never sees the sun and in Autumn can be covered in leaves.
  19. And in winter, due to lack of sunlight, there can be moss growing on the road, get slightly off the wheel tracks of the cars and it can be very nasty. Still a nice bit of road though.
  20. Very sorry to hear about iClint :( . Please pass on my well wishes for a speedy recovery