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[May 25, 2013] Netrider 10th Anniversary Weekend (Australia)

Discussion in 'Other States' started by cjvfr, May 11, 2013.

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Netrider 10th Anniversary Weekend
Start Date: May 25, 2013 01:00
End Date: May 27, 2013 01:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST



Posted By: cjvfr

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    As some may know, the weekend of the 25th and 26th will be the tenth anniversary of the Netrider forum (Netrider itself is over 13 years old!). In those ten years of community discussion there have been members come and go, spectacular tantrums and deeply moving personal stories. We have had marriages and binding partnerships formed, the birth of little Netrider's, and sadly the loss of some of our fellow riders. Despite our differences there is one common thread that has united us, the love of motorcycles. This site's overriding purpose is "Connecting Riders" and we all have to admit it has achieved that!

    As a community we need to mark this occasion in a way that captures the sprit of the site. We thought of group rides, dinners etc - we can still do those things - but to be as inclusive to all our scattered membership the intention is to capture photographically a weekend in the life of Netrider. So on the weekend of the 25/26th go out riding, ride short distances, ride long distances, get on a track, go off road and capture the theme of "Connecting Riders". Then submit your best picture to THIS thread. This will be a statement of record that on our 10th anniversary this was us. So on that weekend, get out there!

    There will be a prize for the best entry. Through the generosity of Rhok and our own @Takamii a pair of RHOK Pekev Jeans or Resurgence Pekev Cargo Pants, and some other mystery prizes.

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  2. 10th Anniversary is Tin so there should be a Tin in the pic.
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  3. Good hook why not. Perhaps lots of tins, leap your bike over a pyramid of baked bean tins. ;)
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  4. What sort of creative or zany ideas do people have for their contribution?
  5. Given it's the weekend, surely we have to include pics from the Saturday practice sessions? :)

    Other thoughts..

    How about trying to have an element of connectedness between all the photos; I'm not sure exactly how this could be done, but maybe something like someone making a megaphone with their hands yelling into the next shot and listening to the person from the previous shot? or a piece of rope or other such thing running from one shot to the next?

    Or given the "tin" theme above, perhaps someone passing a tin of baked beans from one pic to the next?

    The trouble with those sort of ideas though is that they'd require some example shots up front, so that people knew what to aim for, and they could end up being technically challenging to take.
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  6. actually not a bad idea gundy, well done
  7. I'm in for this, I've been Netriding for more than 8 of those ten years and I'd love to mark our anniversary!
  8. Damn! This should have been marked by an interstate meet up. Probably too late now.

    @gundy, Maybe we can see if we can get everyone who has ever been to Sat Practice to come in for a group photo
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  9. Sounds like a great idea. The Saturday practice sessions have helped out and connected a ton of riders now. They seem to embody the spirit of NR as much as anything, for me anyway. Any idea how to get in touch with everyone? I suppose posting it in the Saturday learners thread might be a good start.

    I hope we get good weather for it!
  10. Posting in Sat Practice and maybe a separate post announcing a reunion?

    Also remember there are two Sat Practice sessions one in Vic and one in NSW
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    And damn, I won't be there dammit!

    ETA But I have a plan.
  12. Perhaps we could set up the cones in your horsepiddle room
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  13. Well - I will be down at Gasolina with the Runcible Racer on show for the launch of Tank Moto magazine on the 25th, should be able to get a few photos that celebrate connecting riders!
  14. Loving the ideas!
    Not sure how we'd do with the interconnect? I'm a piss poor photography hack at best, so don't know what sort of example pics would be needed - anyone?

    Im looking at putting together a 'coffee table' book of the pics and making them available to all at cost
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  15. I will be somewhere between Tenannt Creek and Broome on my GS1200

  16. Get a pic. :)
  17. Well our anniversary is here get out this weekend on whatever you ride and post those photos. A weekend in the life of Netrider. I hope we will get a good range of shots. Have fun.

    When you have your shot post it to to THIS thread.
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    010b. My birthday on 24th!
    My birthday cake (y)
    Big thanks to @nina
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  19. BTW, the 10 candles are for Netrider! (y)
  20. You gotta eat 10 slices as well.

    I'll have 10 beers tomorrow. :)
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