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May 23 bring on the SOO

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jeffatav, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. I know the mexicans now understand the subtlties and grace of State Of Origin Rugby League war games and will get behind this years series with gusto.

    May 23 it starts again with NSW going to (hopefully) smash those pesky banana benders.

    Forwards usually determine the outcome in these games and even though QLD are superior in the backs (stole Greg Inglis from our state....he is a Kempsey lad :LOL: ) I believe NSW are better in the forwards.

    Bring it on!!!!

    [sitting back and waiting for the backlash and banter]

  2. Backlash? Banter?

    I'll always be a mexican anyway, so meh!
  3. Yep go the Blues!!!!!! :woot:

    The only thing that p!sses me off is that since i moved to Melb (and they're all AFL freaks), NRL is on TV sooooo late.

    For example, the Brisbane/Melb game was on at around midnight the other night :mad:
  4. Stupid Melbourne and their pathetic GAYFL!!! :mad: :evil:

    Stupid NRL too for not giving Melb a SOO this year :(
  5. You're talking about that game with the thick-necked meatheads that poke each other up the date, right?

    You sydney folk can keep it. Want the F1 while you're at it?
  6. What is this "Rugby" that you speak about?
  7. Just over three weeks to go :cool:

    I'll be at Brisbane for the first game - pretty sure will be at the Normanby Hotel from mid afternoon.

    Nothing beats the caludron that is Lang Park/Suncorp Stadium for watching origin.

    Qld looks strong this year and will be hard to beat - NSW have no halves that stand out for selection.
  8. Ah!!! I see you have found the finer points of the game :LOL: :LOL:

    Nothing beats a game of cross country wrestling................heaps better than nancy boys that can't punch that wear tight shorts, playing aerial ping pong, and getting a point for missing a goal :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Don’t know about that mate, in '94 i was at the MCG along with another 90,000 people to see the first ever SOO in Victoria, it was electric.
  10. You were the guy sitting behind and to the left of me.

    I took 4 non NSWRL (back then) followers and converted them after that game.

    Electric is a mild statement to say the least.

    Last year the wife and I went and happened to be sitting behind Billy Slater whilst he was on suspension. I think the wife wet herself ;)
  11. C'mon, I bet you did too!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  12. couldn't agree more mate!! :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Fair call, no doubt atmosphere would have been tremendous. As it is in Sydney when we get 85,000 at Telstra Stadium. The problem with these larger grounds is the distance from the action.
  14. I've been going to the Sydney games for the last couple of years, don't think I'll bother this year. It seems that you end up spending most of the night either lining up for beers (damn that new 2 only at a time rule!!!), or watching the big screen rather than the aciton on the actual field. If I'm going to be watching the big screen anyway, I think I'd rather do it in the comfort of my local... Cheaper too.

    BTW, I'm a proud QLD supporting New South Welshman... That's what you for not selecting any Bears players for the Blues team in the 90's... :p

  15. I am so sorry!!!

    I also forgot to add that in GAYFL you can't tackle around the legs, and doesn't matter if you can't catch the ball!!!! Oil up ya biceps boys:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. hahaha lol @ GAYFL...

    I was too afraid to put it down in written form only to be ganged up by the Victorians :wink:

    Glad you boys did it first hehe :p

    I will say though, i do enjoy going to an AFL game here and there (mostly for the atmosphere, as skills are null and void :p)
  17. So Jeff . . .

    Are you organising a ride to your favourite watering hole to watch the game ??? Or do we take Toecutters offer and go to Harbord ??? :LOL:
  18. Forced to decide between the two, I'd watch AFL any day... But they both seem to be equally effective distractions to keep toothless angry dumb people occupied. Without these vapid sports there'd be more boneheads on the road on the weekends.

  19. I didn't know I had a photo (in photobucket) of my toothless sneer while looking angry :furious: and dumb watchin the footy????????? :rofl: :rofl:

    I hadn't thought where to watch it Micky. I usually have a house full of drunks, half naked ladies and rooms full of cheering.
    But then again we are a bunch of angry, toothless dumb footy followers after all!!!:rofl: :rofl:
  20. Hey, you banana benders are a bit quiet up there!!!!!

    We are coming to get ya!!!

    GO THE BLUES!!!!