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Featured [May 23, 2015] Ride to Nojee (York On Lilydale Hotel)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deadman, May 19, 2015.

Ride to Nojee
Start Date: May 23, 2015 10:00
End Date: May 23, 2015 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

York On Lilydale Hotel,
Cnr York and Canturbury roads Lilydale,

Posted By: deadman

Confirmed Attendees: 3
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  1. I am leading a ride to Noojee on this Saturday, All welcome,

    9-30 AM at the Carpark in the York on Lilydale, At the Tavern end, Leaving at 10-00 AM,
    Cnr York and Canturbury roads Lilydale,
    Be fueled up and ready to ride,
    Its a cruisy run that learners can attend,
    It looks like its going to be a nice day, If a bit on the cool side,

    Bring your wet weather gear as this ride wont be cancelled due to crap weather or rain,

    Cheers, Brian,
  2. #2 Ned, May 19, 2015
    Last edited: May 20, 2015
    Enjoy the ride Brian. Hope the weather is kind to you.

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  3. I didnt put the date on it, That was added automatically,
    The ride is on this Saturday, 23 May,
    I have no idea on how to change it, Maybe one of the Mods can change it, Thanks,
  4. In the original post at the top right hand side there should be an EDIT button, click on that then go to the calendar as shown below and you should be able to adjust the date.
    Hope that helps :)
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  5. Ok Brian, Changed it for you. Can't make this one, I am running a Sunday one to the Cholcolaterie on Sunday. Have to catch up with you some other time. Good on you for posting a ride.
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  6. Thanks Chris for that, Will catch up again soon mate,
    I have been getting requests from learners and newbies to go for a ride, Plus a few others,
    They need lots of kays just to improve their riding and bring their skills up,

    I travel on good roads that dont have much traffic, So lack of speed is not an issue,
    And I dont have to worry about them running wide on corners, which they do,

    After one of my rides, They might have the confidence to ride into the Sat mornings practice, Or go on one of Uncle Gregs rides,

    About 160 Kays or so, Round trip,

    Cheers, Brian,
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  7. deadmandeadman

    Hi Brian,

    If you want some one to potter around at the back let me know happy to help out if wanted.

    Cheers Jeremy
  8. Your quite welcome Jeremy,
  9. Done see you on Saturday.

    Cheers Jeremy
  10. Hi deadman

    I'm in. My round trip will be starting from the other end so I'll be able let you know what the road is like from around the bottom of red hill to Yarra junctioN if you like.
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  11. Im not familiar with Red Hill, unless its the one near Mt Martha, Hahahaha
    See you there Sat,
  12. The end of the Noojee - Powelltown rd where you would turn left to go to Nooj if you turn right there's a bloody big hill - red hill.☺
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  13. Hi all, I'm keen, will this ride go through hills roads? Or is it more of an urban thing?
  14. Hi lexio. The roads are all sealed and in pretty good condition. I can be either a good learner road as there's plenty of fast and slow corners along about 80% of the route or a good spirited run for the more experienced.
    I will be getting to the meet point from Noojee so I'll be able to let whoever is interested what conditions are like.
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  15. FYI. It's bloody cold up this way ATM so rug up for the run.
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  16. Most of it is hilly twisty roads, Very easy to ride on, all good bitumen,
    I take learners through here all the time, So you will have no problems,
    Just take your time, There is no hurry to get any where,
    Ride at your own pace, Its a laid back cruisy ride,
    Faster riders go ahead.
    I wait quite often to allow riders to catch up and to take a head count,
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  17. might be keen for this :)
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  18. Thanks, sounds good. Just need to make sure the bike is in running order (haven't ridden it since January) and I should be there.
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  19. I will be there acting as Tail End Charlie ( and I am slow ) so you will all be okay to ride at your own pace and I will make sure we all meet up with Brian at the stops.

    Looking forward to meeting some more riders from NR.

    See you all in the morning.

    Cheers Jeremy

    Edit well at least 3 of us anyway... who else is a starter?
  20. See you tomorrow