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[May 18, 2013] Brekky Burn #4 - Settlers Arms Inn

Discussion in 'NSW' started by GJ384, May 3, 2013.

Brekky Burn #4 - Settlers Arms Inn
Start Date: May 18, 2013 10:00
End Date: May 18, 2013 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Settlers Arms Inn
1 Wharf St
St Albans 2775

Posted By: GJ384

Confirmed Attendees: 5
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  1. #1 GJ384, May 3, 2013
    Last edited: May 17, 2013
    This one's a bit shorter than the last one, and also starts a little later since it's getting colder in the mornings now.

    For the "uninitiated," the general idea behind these rides is that we begin with a reasonably early start at one of the Caltex servos on the M4, and head off somewhere for a late breakfast or early lunch. Afterwards some may choose to go back home the way they came, while others might opt for an extended afternoon ride before they head home. All rides take place on the 3rd Saturday of every month, weather permitting.

    DATE: Saturday 18 May 2013

    DURATION: 4-7 hours (120-260km), including lunch, depending on your start point and return route (see below).

    1. EASTBOUND Caltex service station on the M4 at Eastern Creek (NOT the go-karts side) - meet 8.30am for 9am departure.
    2. McDonald's McGraths Hill - meet 9.30am for 10am departure.

    Anyone - these rides are learner friendly and all are welcome - the only rule is no idiots. By that I mean we stick to the speed limit, there will be no wheelies or dangerous/reckless riding, and if you want to overtake you do so when safe in the next lane to the right - not over unbroken white lines, not on the left, and not within the same lane as the person you're overtaking.

    Note however that some parts of this ride will be on roads which have posted limits above 80km/h, and some learners might not be comfortable on those roads given the faster other traffic which might be around. You must ride your own ride - do not try to keep up with others if you're not comfortable going as fast as they are. We'll have a "Tail End Charlie" (TEC) at the back of the group to keep an eye on you if you're having any trouble - but if at any time you're feeling pressured by faster vehicles behind you, just find a safe spot to pull over and allow them to pass. The TEC will catch up and wait with you until you're back on the road again.

    DESTINATION: Settlers Arms Inn, St Albans, via Wisemans Ferry. Early lunch at 11:30am, with option to continue along Wisemans Ferry Rd after lunch and back via Old Pacific Highway.

    8.30am - Eastern Creek group meets at M4 Caltex EASTBOUND at Eastern Creek
    9.00am - depart M4 Caltex
    9.30am - meet at McGraths Hill McDonalds (http://goo.gl/maps/wU5oK)
    10.00am - depart McGraths Hill McDonalds
    - right at Pitt Town Rd, which becomes Bathurst St then Chatham St
    - right at Eldon St, which becomes Cattai Rd then Wisemans Ferry Rd
    - left at Old Northern Rd
    - left at St Albans Rd and cross Webbs Creek Ferry
    - right at Wollombi Rd and over the bridge to Settlers Arms Inn
    11.30am - lunch at Settlers Arms Inn (http://goo.gl/maps/Ku0GI)
    12.30pm - depart Settlers Arms Inn
    - ride back along St Albans Rd to Webbs Creek Ferry

    then either...

    OPTION 1 - SHORT RIDE - map: http://goo.gl/maps/SqAWS
    - return home via Old Northern Rd/Wisemans Ferry Rd/Pitt Town Rd
    2.00pm - regroup and debrief at McGraths Hill McDonalds


    OPTION 2 - LONGER RIDE (to burn off those lunchtime calories, right?) - map: http://goo.gl/maps/zBXJz
    - left at Old Northern Rd and cross Wisemans Ferry, then head up Wisemans Ferry Rd
    - right at George Downes Dr (this is also a good quick break/leg stretch spot)
    - right at Peats Ridge Rd
    - right at Old Pacific Highway
    2.00pm - Coffee at Road Warriors Cafe, Mt White (http://goo.gl/maps/qhxTD)
    - right at Galston Rd
    - left at Galston/Crosslands Rds
    - left at Old Northern Rd
    4.00pm - regroup and debrief at Dural McDonalds (http://goo.gl/maps/o16sn)

    - This ride will have a ride leader who knows the route.
    - We'll also need a second ride leader who is willing to go slower so the riders who aren't as quick can keep up without feeling rushed.
    - A TEC will ride at the back to keep an eye on Ls/Ps and make sure no-one gets left behind.

    Please think about whether you'd like to fill any of the above supervising roles and make it known in this thread if you'd like to volunteer. I'll bring a few hi-vis vests on the day for those who are taking supervising roles on this ride - we don't want anyone left behind or heading off down the wrong way.

    As usual, if the weather is uncertain, I will make a call at 6am and post here to say whether or not the ride is going ahead.

    Who is in? As always, suggested changes to the route are always welcome.

    Eastbound M4 Caltex - 8.30am for 9am depart (6)
    GJ384 / Gareth

    McGraths Hill McDonalds - 9.30am for 10am depart (7)
    pullman / Damir (NSWRiders)
    HillsVtwin / Mark (NSWRiders)
    b1b2 (NSWRiders)
    gs250rr / Gaurav
    LegendayB / Daniel (NSWRiders)
    Mircea (NSWRiders)
  2. Mate - irregardless of the numbers, I'll volunteer for TEC - I've never been up that way and would prefer being in the back..

    Oh..and Maccas for me
  3. Sorry, mate - have to work so I won't be able to make it..
  4. I might see you blokes out there,I will be coming a different way so I wont sign up,coming from the north.Spent many years working on a property on Webs Creek Rd so know my way around up there.Stayed at the Pub a few times as well.Its a brilliant bit of road,just take care to stay as left as you can.Some 4 wheelers take more than there share of it.
  5. Thanks for the warning Zim! I'll make sure everyone is aware of this at the start point.
  6. Weather looks good - possibly a few showers late in the afternoon, but the morning at least should be clear.

    I need to call the pub on Thursday to give them numbers for lunch. Who is in?
  7. Count me in.
  8. I'm keen but will have to be a maybe at this stage. Prior tentative plans that I'm waiting confirmation on.
  9. looks like a good ride Gareth but i won't be able to join you guys this time ... stay safe! :)
  10. Can't make this one, maybe next time
  11. Haven't ridden with anyone on here yet, sounds good!
  12. what time are we meeting at m4 caltex 7:30 for 8:00 depart or 8:30 for 9:00 depart?
  13. Well spotted - it's 8.30am for a 9am depart. McGraths Hill is a 9.30am meet for a 10am depart. I've now corrected the times in the original post.
  14. thanks for clearing that up! ;)
  15. See you at McGraths Maccas. After lunch will take the short ride option back to the Eastern Suburbs: St Albans - Wisemans - Old Northern Rd - M2 etc
  16. Any update PeterPorker?

    Suds - where are you joining us? M4 Caltex or McGraths Hill Maccas?

    Great - glad you can make it!
  17. I'm in :) Will meet you at the M4 Caltex.
  18. Suds will be with me at m4 caltex
  19. I'll join you guys, but will fade away from The Settlers Arms or ferry.
  20. Great - where will you be starting? M4 Caltex or McGraths Hill McDonald's?