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Featured [May 16, 2015] Cruise down south (Casula)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Darrin Hodges, May 2, 2015.

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  1. I'm thinking a cruise down south starting at the crossroads to Picton via razorback then onto Scarborough hotel for lunch then through RNP to loftus and back to crossroads via heathcote road.

    Hopefully that yellow shiny thing will be back in the sky sometime soon! Any interest?

  2. I could be unless I get deployed up north again...still raining up here in Cessnock! :(
    What shiny thing? Haven't seen that for a while sure could scare the young'ns
  3. G'day Darrin, i would love to join you I live in Liverpool, but I only have a little bike and am on my L's so not sure if thats ok with you.
  4. I'm at Moorebank so would be interested - will pencil it in my diary and see what else is happening around that date ;)
  5. Leo83Leo83 I'm sure there would be no worries about you coming along - the more the merrier I say
  6. I just check the 16th am working but am off this tuesday,wednesday and thursday if anyone up for a ride and by the way am new here, just wanted to ask if there are any groups that ride out of Liverpool? Thanks
  7. Well, I'm a new old rider, just got back in the saddle after 25 years and I've got a cruiser, so we be just cruising :) Will want an experienced volunteer for TEC as well I think.
  8. I could have helped you out with TEC but I've organised this one for the same day. https://goo.gl/maps/xz9h1 Maybe we'll cross paths somewhere.
  9. Ah, didn't see that one in the calendar.
  10. I stopped posting rides on Netrider a long time ago and now organise rides through a meetup group.
  11. Snapy, your bypassing alot of fun bits on your map, most notably Mt Keira rd and Jamberoo Rd to kiama.
  12. icemakericemaker I agree - the Jamberoo Rd is a great one
  13. We did Jamberoo & Keira a few weeks ago. This ride is more a short scenic cruise than a race around every winding road south of Sydney. For this one I chose Kembla instead of Keira. I don't particularly like the RNP or Lawrence Hargreaves Dr & avoid them most times, but I organise over 40 rides a year for 500+ members & like to vary routes, distances & rider/bike suitability for the faster days.
  14. Whats the name?
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