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Maxxis Presa sport tyres...part 3

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Johnny O, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Hey Guy's, I'm sure some of you have been as curious as me as how the Chinese (EDIT~ Taiwanese) 'Maxxis' sport tyres compare to the long-time players in the field. Well me being the sucker that I am, I just had to take the expensive gamble and see.

    I fitted a pair of 120/70 x 17 and 190/50 x 17's to my stock GSXR1000K6 and will submit additions to this thread as I put them through various track, commute and sport road riding sessions. I will update the subject line with 'part 2' and 3 as I submit my impressions.

    I don't have the retail prices for the tyres at the moment but will post them soon, but from memory they are not much cheaper than the current crop of the tried & true sport tyres currently on the market, hence no one wanting to take a chance on these tyres.

    In the last 2 years, on my GSXR, I have used Bridgestone (014 & race 002's), Michelin (Pilot Power and various compound slicks), Dunlop (D208 GPA and various slicks) and Pirelli Dragon slicks. All on the street & track.

    Both tyres went on easy, I have found Chinese tyres in the past to have a minutely smaller ID making fitting a little difficult, in fact the rear may be a little to much of an easy fit; after a track day at the Island I found the rear tyre had slipped about 300mm on the rim. I have had this problem with Dunlop front tyres before. Have to be careful to not use too much lube when fitting them.

    Sidewall stiffness felt much like Michelin Pilots, not as soft as Pirelli's, not as firm as Dunlops. I decided to start with a tyre pressure that generally suits a medium strength carcass (as oppossed to slightly higher for soft tyres or lower for a hard carcass).

    On the street the Maxxis tyres give a very neutral steering, no tendancy to 'fall in' when tipping into a corner. The front profile gave light steering at low speeds with minimal 'self steer' over iregular surfaces. The rear also did not display any high speed weave or self steer effects. As far as I am concerned, these Presa sport tyres have given my Gixxer the best around town & bumpy road manners that it has ever had for me.

    First time at Phillip Island track, from brand new, with a rusty rider, I used tyre warmers to get them up to temp before venturing out in the fast group. The tyres seemed to take a little longer to scrub in compared to slicks that I generally use; had a front end slide in Honda after a couple of laps and a flick out of the seat on the same corner the next lap.

    I feel the tyres have good adhesion when cold, compared to other cold tyres but I was finding it hard to keep the tyres warm enough to give good hot adhesion, this could be a trait of most road tyres as they are designed for some longevity, slicks that I generally use on the track don't work as good when cold but have a better hot tyre adhesion factor. I found that the right side of the tyre (the less stressed side at the Island) was not working as well as the left side, I think it was because on the cold day I was not keeping it hot enough.

    The left side; I had some consistant drifts coming out of Syberia (turn 6) as I was standing the bike up, I think that is atributed to the section of the tyre where most of the grooves are, obviously giving less rubber on the road, plus my throttle hand finding that the safest place to sample traction.

    My last dry session before lunch had me tagging a couple of racers that were circulating in 1.49ish lap times, the tyres were doing it easy, I was over compensating for a slow entry with a little too much throttle coming out and had a couple of out-of-the-seat moments at Honda (turn 4). I think a warm day at the Island and with me up to speed, I would expect 1.43/44 times easily from these tyres..... we'll see ;-)

    The day was cold at the Island and the showers came in at midday so I got to evaluate their performance in the wet; with a harder street rubber & minimal grooves I did not expect wet adhesion to be very high and I was right but no more say than a less grooved tyre like a Pilot Race.

    After the track day, I am using the bike to commute to work, any wear from the track day has not affected the bikes road manners what so ever, in fact, I have never loved riding my bike so much!

    So at the conclusion of part 1, I have to say that I am impressed with these tyres so far, my next track test will be at Broadford where I have completed thousands of laps around and will better understand adhesion qualities.


    PS This is not any form of product promotion, we do not currently carry these tyres in the shop, I genuinely had an interest in these tyres and thought you guys would.
  2. Any questions, class?? Good.

    Well made report, young Johnny, looking forward to its continuation.
  3. But Chinese tyres are junk! :grin:
    I run Cheng Shin on the front, which I believe are in business with or even the parent company of Maxxis? And Cheng Shin have been around for a looong time.
    Anyway, I reckon they're fantastic, I bought them on their capabilities, not their price.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Thanks JO. Just the sort of info I was hoping for.

    Are they cheaper than the major brands?
  5. maxxis......imo should only be fitting to toy motorcycles, hyosungs, cos they look the part as they are black and sorta round :roll:

    Profile is worse then a car tyre, they are slippery as all fark in the wet and cold. In the dry they are ok. As for cornering, well just trying to getting them on there side was a effort and a half, as you fight the flat profile, and when you do reach the edge of the flat surface you then race up the sidewall like nobody's business, no gradual nice tip in feeling.

    All in all from my experience with these tyres was, that motorcycling is a dangerous enough game without the help of these tyres, i reckon they would be lucky to give a dunlop a run for there money.

    Anyway would love to remember what model I had cos your review johnny is nothing like my experience with these tyres.
  6. Dude!!!! You can't even remember what model tyre you were running!!! I was telling people what the new model 'Presa' is like, it's only been out six months.

    If you used any previous model Cheng Shin tyres before these your crazy!
  7. i was on tour, in a shitty country town, on a long weekend, and picked up nail in mine.....trust me it wasn't by choice, and for 340.00 i thought it might of been a bit better then it was :wink:
  8. As a comparison rrp's....

    Michelin Pilot Power 120/70-17 $217

    Maxxis Presa 120/70-17 $190

    Michelin Pilot Power 190/50-17 $349

    Maxxis Presa 190/50-17 $299
  9. Next update for the Presa's, they've done 5,000km's, they still look in good shape, I'm taking the Gixxer out to Broadford this weekend, still with the same tyres fitted! should be interesting to see how a chinese tyre with 5,000km's under their belt goes!

    The bike is still handling sweet, but I still believe these are a Summer tyre, traction is not the best until they are warm...... stay tuned......
  10. A little off topic but Maxxis currently rule the mountain bike world, well at least locally here in Aus. Making lots of great, light and good value tires for the full range of disciplines.
  11. Well just got home from a Broadford prac day, I am even more impressed with these Maxxis tyres, the sun was out but it still was not very warm, I wasn't using tyre warmers, the speed on my first lap seemed pretty comparable to the other Superbikes that were using slicks off warmers!

    After a couple of laps I wasn't really having any slides but I was taking it a little to carefully in the corners as my bike was in street trim and I still could not give total confidence in the Taiwanese made tyres just yet.

    I did have a couple of little slides in the tracks only left hander, that confirms my earlier feellings that these slightly harder tyres need to be kept warm to offer exceptional adhesion.

    I think all things considered; 30,000km old, stock commuter Gixxer in street trim, with old, crippled rider that had not ridden at the track for 2 years, no tyre warmers and had ridden to the track (no ute to take home the remains of a wreck), I was circulating around mid-field with the riders that were out there, some faster (Cam Donald) and some slower; I would guess my times to have been around 1.02/1.03 judging by the times the bikes around me were doing.

    So yeh I think these Maxxis tyres are very good, but I strongly feel they are a Summer time tyre; you've got to keep them hot. Wear is fantastic; after two track days, a few aggressive rides in the hills and 5,000km's of commuting to work, these tyres still look brand new! And the bikes handling is awesome!

    Until the other tyre manufacturers come up with something that is better than what they currently offer, I will buy these tyres again but for Summer time use only. Not sure what I'd pick for Winter/wet use? Maybe soft compound Pirelli (SC1?) that has plenty of grooves?

    Might like to try a pair of Continentals next for comparisons sake.
  12. Maybe your boss will give you some.
  13. There aren't too many awesome people around that give away tyres :wink: