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Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by nikki, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hi I've been a scooter rider for about 18 months. I currently ride a Bolwell HD200 and use it to commute to work.

    I'm now thinking I would like to upgrade to a maxi as I want to try some longer journeys on the weekend. I am wondering how much manouverability and zippiness (vital for commuting in sydney) may be lost if i upgrade to a bigger, bulkier scoot.

    There seem to be a few on the market. I would love a Yamaha XP 500 but it's a little out of my price range. Alternatively I quite like the look (and extras) on a Piaggio X9 500. I have also seen that Bug will be bringing out the Xciting 500.

    Would anyboy like to share their experiences in upgrading to a maxi? Has anyone ridden these scoots? Any recommendations?
  2. Hi,

    I upgraded to a Suzuki Burgman 400 in March after having an X9 250 for about 18 months (and an Aprilia Leonardo 150 before that).

    I haven't really had any issues with zippiness (leaving WRXs etc behind as you wind out to 80 or so is always fun :LOL:). You would probably lose a little bit of manoeuvrability, but not a whole lot. It's definitely a great bike - extremely comfortable, plenty of storage and quite happy sitting at 130 on the freeway, with a top speed in the 150s.

    Personally I would steer clear of the X9, I had no end of parts supply issues with the 250 and I can't imagine that things would be a whole lot different with the 500.

    If the Burgman isn't your thing there's also the Yamaha Majesty 400 (around the same price range).
  3. I would think that any of the Maxi's are going to be more "bulky" than your HD200, which is a narrow little scoot.

    Any of the scoots you've mentioned would be a significant power upgrade, given your current ride is i believe a 172cc engine. Obviously the extra power will be somewhat offset by the extra weight and size of the maxi's.

    Personally, I think you've already got one of the best commuting scoots out there. So it will come down to how much tight traffic handling you want to sacrifice for the weekend trips out of town.
  4. G'day Nikki,

    I agree with Duffman in that any maxi you buy will be more bulky than your current ride and I guess what may help you make your decision will depend on how often you want to do longer journeys and therefore require a maxi versus the splitting/manoevaribility of a less wider scooter during commuting.

    Just to give you an idea of my own situation, I was riding a Yamaha Bee Wee 100 up until a couple of months ago. Absolutely perfect for city/suburbia riding in that it was a zippy 2 stroke with great acceleration, and was great at fitting between tight spaces ie cars stopped at lights. (Although unlike your HD200 it couldn't do freeway/highway stuff 'some' of the time.)

    I moved up to the Bug Hawk 250cc though because although I loved the Bee Wee I wanted to, like you, head further afield and be able to go on longer journeys on the weekends.

    So far the Hawk is great and I have done quite a few longer rides now. It's got a top speed of 130 and will comfortably sit on 110. But I gotta say, I do miss the smaller frame, lightness, and general manoeverability of the smaller scooter, which in wideness would be comparable to your HD200. I've especially noticed the difference whilst trying to squeeze through to get to the front of stationary cars at a set of lights. The Bee Wee, being less wide would do this with ease but the Hawk has wider stalk mirrors and you just need to be a bit more careful. There's some spaces I can't fit between and therefore not do it (get right to the front) so I simply pull in behind a car (safely) where I can until the cars start moving again, and then slot in.

    So being more bulky, maxi's simply aren't as small and manoevarable. Mind you, I factored this in prior to the purchase and that's why I chose the Hawk. It's one of the smaller framed maxi's in comparison to the Firenze/Majesty etc, and the 4 year unlimited parts and labour warranty certainly didn't go astray!

    And for me, once all is said and done, although I miss the smaller Bee Wee in traffic, I'm extremely happy I moved up to a maxi and the Hawk. Now I have a scooter that is capable of commuting and freeway/highway use, as opposed to one that is only good for commuting.


  5. Hi there. I have just upgraded from a T-Max 500 to a Burgman 650. (Not because I think the Burgman is better - just the T-Max had a few too many k's and I didn't want to own the same bike twice). BOTH are excellent.

    I rode the X9 and the Gilera Nexus and was bitterly disappointed with both. The Nexus looks fantastic, however both share the same engine which is an asthmatic single cylinder. Both the Jap bikes are twins and are a far more refined engine.
    The frame of the X9 was nothing short of dangerous as it has all the rigidity of a rubber band. There's a LOT of X9's around with very low k's. This could be interperated as the owners have realised they're not all the brochures claimed. But it also could just be coincidence (?)

    As for commuting- I agree with the previous posts, that what you are currently riding is a good choice for commuting, however, if you're like me and want the best of both worlds (ie, commuting AND touring) then I reckon to get a Maxi.
  6. its interesting to hear people opinions, because i am actually doing the opposite right now. I have a big bike (Suzuki Vstrom) but i am looking for a narrow, light scoot to commute on.

    The conclusion i have come to (and i'm sure its the same for all of you guys) is that its just too hard to have only one bike :)
  7. My X8 rocks!!!!!

    it is not X9, not the same scooter, different frame and engine. A maxi scooter is like a cruiser, made to do Km, but good enough for the traffic. You need to go down and test ride a couple of bikes as they are not the same. Different frames, weights, wheels, engines..
    I just had a couple of weeks with a Beverly 400 i.e and although it was the same company and the same engine type as my x8250, i was riding a totally new bike. The wheels and the smaller frame made it more maneuverable than my x8, but on the highway it was a bit unstable, or should i say needed more attention comparing with the cruising x8..
    So go and start riding them until you find the one you like...