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Maximum speed of a 250cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by iamahot1, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. At the moment I have a cruiser which probably does a maximum of say 130ks. What I want to know is are there 250s out there capable of very fast speeds? If so, what are they and how do they compare to larger bikes in the speed stakes


  2. If you're getting a cruiser, your primary goal isn't speed/cornering is it?
  3. A lot of the 2 stroke 250's are very fast, like the Aprillia models, capable of over 200km's/hr. They can more than hold their own against the larger capacity bikes. (In the right hands) But need more maintanence to keep them in good condition, and a lot of the second hand bikes have been thrashed.

    I had a 250 Bandit and I could get that to 160 very easily and I weigh in at 100kgs.

    But nothing beats CC's IMO. I suggest you wait until you get off of your restrictions then upgrade. But that's just my opinion. :)
  4. My Hornet is very capable of reaching our Statewide speed limit... That's all I know. ;)
  5. Yeah, well therein lies the problem. I bought my bike not having ridden any and I had my heart set on a cruiser however when I did the QRide I discovered that the sports bikes are easier to ride and a lot more fun
  6. My RGV would do well over 200km but Ive never gone that fast. got to 160 in 5th with plenty of rpm left and another gear! :D
  7. Of course you did that on a track under the proper supervision with all the appropriate safety gear right?
  8. 250cc top speeds are iffy. Both 250s I used to ride regularly (Across and ZXR250) had grossly optimistic speedos, and the ZXR was nearly new.

    So, you'll get people saying they did 200, 210, etc, when in fact it was much more like 180 or 190. That said, in my experience and from what I've heard:

    A sports twin (vtr, zzr) will reach 150 or so.
    A regular twin (cb250) or a single (sr250) will reach 130 and won't like it much. In a tailwind. Downhill. Immediately after a full service.
    A sports four (cbr, zxr) will reach 180, maybe, if the engine doesn't explode first.
    A regular four (across) will reach 160.
    A sports two stroke (rs250) will kill you and sh!t on your grave, but not before hitting about 200.

    The above are approximations. Again, in my experience, anything except a 250 cruiser or a cb250 is "fast enough".

    Edit: Remembered that fzr was a sports four (not a stroker) and added the single.
  9. I had an SR250 doing 120 down the straight at hidden valley raceway on the weekend. That was flat stick. Then the 750 Kwaka was doing 140 out of the pits :-O
  10. I got my SRX sh!tbox up to 110 up a hill... (Well I gained all the speed going down the hill then held it coming back up...) 50 area too, he he he.
  11. LOL!
  12. Back in my younger wilder days I used to do the 234 miles (yeah, whatever) between Denman and Wollongong in 234 minutes on an RD-250 Yamaha. In order to average 100 KPH (there, happy??) over that distance (including towns and all) you've got to be doing 160 at least for most of the Putty Road......
  13. does a speedo go further out the faster you are going? If not i know the zzr will pull over 160 :wink:
  14. I once hit 260 on my old RG250!

    I think that the speedo *may* have been slightly over-reading though so don't take that speed as Gospel.

  15. Depends on the nature of the innacuracy ;)

    FWIW, the speedo on the ZXR250 was continually about 10% out, so yes.
  16. I've had my cbr250rr to 180, it takes a long time to get from 160 to 180 but it can defenatly get there and suprisingly the revs are still pretty low, with some small mods i recon you could get 200.
  17. You are so not wrong about the cruisers. I feel like I'm pushing shit uphill on that bike :LOL:
  18. Could just be out of tune. What sort of cruiser is it? Virago? Hyosung Aquila?

    They're not fast, but they're not at "pushing shit uphill" level.
  19. Michelle, what sort of cruiser have you got? Please tell me it's not a Suzu Marauder... I owned one of them and it was like pushing sloppy shit uphill...
  20. Youre right about the suzuki part. Its an intruder. I also find it a little bit hard to ride. Not when on the freeway, more at slow speeds. It feels to me like a heavy bike and I'm only 5"2