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Maximum riding temperature

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iondah, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. <25

  2. <35

  3. <45

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  4. I will ride until my face melts and gets fused to my helmet

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  1. Well, a few short months ago we had a good poll about the coldest temperatures Netriders have ridden in.

    So, with 37 on the dial in Melbourne today I thought we'd flip it around...

    What's the hottest terperature you've ridden in?

    Mine would have to be last Summer in early December, where I made the mistake of going for a ride on one of the hottest Melbourne days on record. It was about 46oC wearing a full black winter suit (I was new and didn't have any other gear) as me and a mate rode along the St Kilda esplanade (slow speed). When I got home I drank about 10ltrs of water then threw up from dryhdration... I went out and bought a mesh jacket after that :LOL:

  2. Hottest was 48C (in the shade) the entire way from Melbourne to Sydney along the Hume Hwy. I was wearing full leathers and a full face helmet. I was thankful for the helmet 'cos the road heat wind was like looking into a blast furnace when I had the visor up.

    I was stopping every 80kms or so to down a 600ml Gatorade, sometimes two. I arrived in Sydney so dehydrated that I didn't piss until mid-day the following day.
  3. About the same as Flux,around 48, followed closely by probably Thailand-one of those days where its sooooo hot, it actually hurts to think :? and feels like Gods got you under his magnify glass to let you know what an ant feels like :? Tarmac turning to gooeey melting chewing gum type o stuff.
    I remember a day last year riding up Falls Creek, where it was sooo hot-even for there-that the sealant they use to fill the cracks in the road was that close to liquid, had to avoid hitting it at any lean angle cause it was almost like oil.
  4. i dont know exactly how hot ive been on but i decided to take the car to work today. Even though its 37 today i think you'll be riding in the mid 40's specially sitting in traffic and the fan kicking in, blowing 100+ degrees on your legs. Then the heat from the cars next to you and the heat bouncing of the road.... omg so glad i took the car.
  5. We regularly have hot days in Mildura. I think the worse thing about it is having to park in the sun and the seat getting hot. Makes it damn hard to sit when you get back on. Doesn't do the the rest of the bike any good either. But regular stops for fluid, or a hydration pack, and you can still do an easy 600-800km days.
  6. 40+ last December; & never again [​IMG]
  7. oh i definately prefer to ride in the rain/cold than in hot weather. You can rug up to keep warm put on gear to stop getting wet but no chance of keeping cool in this heat.
  8. Movin and Flux - you guys are nuts! Why? why why why??? :shock:

    I did the Toy Run last year (early 40s). That was hot enough. Depends on the type of riding I'm doing as to how hot it can be for me. As Imajo said, even if you're moving, heavy traffic can up the real temp a lot. Short rides - no prob.
  9. I did a trip through Alice and NT years ago, where it was at least mid 40s, but the worst was the same temp (about 47 I think) when I was stuck in traffic in the city and on Kingsway. At 0km/h, on a hot bike, amongst hot cars, over hot tarmac, I reckon it was at least 55. I radioed the boss and told them I couldn't ride, and took half an hour to sit in an airconditioned petrol station and drink cold electrolyte drinks.

    Army taught me that Heat Exhaustion can kill you, but on a bike it's worse. One of the first symptoms is confusion and delayed reactions, so you don't notice the other symptoms like not being thirsty, red dry skin/face, etc. Problem is, first time you get a mild case you could
    ride under a truck due to the 'brain fade'.

    So due to this sort of thing, I have a rule.

    Warm day? If I make 2 dumb mistakes in a row (e.g. miss a turnoff, forget to indicate, nearly miss a giveway sign, etc)
    then it's time to sit in a cool mall/servo/shade-tree/etc and have a drink.

    EVERY time I do this, I realise just how hot and faded my brain was. I'm sure this decision has saved my life.

    Another thing to be aware of is engine heat and how hot the air is on your legs. I have some friends in the USA who ride their touring bikes through Texas and Death Valley etc, and the air off the engine is 65-70 C at speed. Over the space of half an hour that's survivable, but for all day rides you'll get severe burns. Just as you can touch a hot coffee mug for an instant and not get burnt, but can't hold it longer.
  10. 26 degC, with a crisp edge on the air, gentle winds... now IMO that's the PERFECT riding condition.

    When it's reaalllyyy hhhhhhhhot I think twice about getting on the bike...

    I've ridden around +40 degC, but only commutting around Melbourne... with many frequent stops. Still, I'd occasionally douse my t-shirt with water and then mostly zip up the leather jacket.

    I wouldn't consider doing a >>40degree long distance without some decent preparations, including a camel back with some kind of electrolyte concoction in it. Heat AND dehydration will take their toll.
  11. Feb this year. Home from Merimbula via Delegate to Orbost, Princes Highway to Latrobe Valley. It was around 42 degs by the time we got home. The house that we were living in had no insulation and was like an oven. I was totally knackered. Had a cold shower which lasted, relief-wise til I got out of said shower...

    Now, we're in a new place which has A/C, insulation and a SWIMMING POOL!!


    I say, "bring it on". I'd get home, wallaby ted, and I'll stagger straight into the pool, whether I'm fully clothed or whether I bother to strip off...

    And those beers afterwards, WILL taste great...
  12. It did for us on the Feb ride. When we stopped at Newmerella to refuel, we lounged in the shade for nearly an hour. I drank 2 or 3 bottles of Powerade as well as a bottle of plain water. One of the lads had a camelback. I wish that I had one that day.

    I also was wearing a vented jacket, a Spidi Mesh one. Great for warm days but I think that a light colored, light leather jacket would probably be better. It would protect you from the continual blast of hot air that the mesh jacket wouldn't provide protection from.

    The problem is finding such a jacket. All the ones that I've ever seen don't have thinnish leather.

    Ideal riding temp would be early 20s. Your skin temperature is around 21 degs. Factor in any wind chill and that'd be the ideal riding temp where you don't have to rug up.

    When I got home from work last night it was ideal for a ride. But I'm not that keen on night riding. Plus I had nowhere to go, anyway. So, it was a dip in the pool, a shower and bed.
  13. one xmas hols rode to see my friend in shepparton in full leathers having not looked up the expected temperature. went to well over 40 i found out later - dry, dusty, breathe fire into your lungs sorta heat. think it was best i didn't know how hot it was officially and just kept ploughing on :cool:

    i find it worse in the city in traffic with no wind and sun reflecting off metal all around you.
  14. I think that was my hottest day also. By the time we got to Williamstown i thought my head was going to explode.. :shock:
  15. yep done 40+ before, several times but I known when gets too much my arms just start to shake then its time to take a break.
    The experience happened when walking around bendigo swap on saturday man its freak at times but take a rest have a drink then back into it.

  16. I voted "45°C +"

    Along with Mildura, we are already having 35°C - 40°C days here, and 40°C+ days in this part of the world is just a part of summer.

    I'm sure Grey Gentry would agree, but days under 35 are very few and far between. And if your bike is the only transport you have. Well you just have to deal with it.

    Though having said that when we've had nothing but 40°C+ days for 2 weeks straight, that's when you stop & actually think about going anywhere.
  17. The hottest riding I've ever done was when I rode from central victoria to adelaide about 10 years ago in late summer.

    The temperature was 45 degrees plus for over 400kms of that journey and I found that despite stopping every 30 minutes to drink water I simply couldn't keep hydrated.

    I eventually found myself feeling really sick and with a throbbing headache sitting in an air conditioned servo cafe for over an hour until I felt a bit better.

    That'd be one of the worst rides I've ever done.

    After I got to Adelaide I was sick for 3 days :(
  18. when i last had a bike about 10 years ago, i think the hottest i ever rode in was about 38 degrees. Luckily though, i'm in a country area, and it was 12 kilometres to work on the highway, and i rode with my jacket half zipped, and no gloves :oops: The bike didn't like it too much, being a turbo charged bike... it got rather hot. Although, i learned the hard way that you should wear gloves no matter what the temp! i ran into a storm on the way to work (afternoon shift) and copped hail..... to say my fingers were sore and bruised would be an understatement!! :?
  19. I don't know the temperature, but I rode back from Jindabyne to Wollongong via the Kings Highway and the Princes Highway in December last year. I stopped every place I could and soaked my mesh jacket in water, which lasted around 30 minutes before I was boiling again.

    If I had had the choice, I would have left it for another day; 50 miles from home I got off the bike for yet another drink and had to force myself to get back on and ride the last leg......
  20. Have ridden in 40+ heat before. Not a nice thing to do. That was on the old hyosung.

    Now with the ZX10 (underseat exhaust) even getting on the bike on 30 degree days is painful. Its not "too" bad when youre motoring along but you can definately feel the heat between your legs. (no thats not a metaphor for anything!)

    Problem is when you get to a set of lights, the heat from the road, heat from the sun, heat from your clothes, heat from the other cars around you and more painfully, the heat from the underseat exhaust is an absolute killer!!!

    Having said that, my car doesnt have aircon so im fu$#ed either way! :LOL: :cry: