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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by cb rookie, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Not much of a near miss at all for me, and really not a whole lot of substance to this story. This is just a vent about some idiotic cab driver, who is definitely one of those people you see and think "one day he'll do that to the wrong person".

    I was coming into uni about 10 minutes ago, and this cabbie decides he has right of way, failing to give way at a giveway sign and just about smashing the car in front of me. As i blasted him with my horn (who knew they were so loud on new bikes? \\:D/

    He drives right past me and I feel it is my duty to point out the giveway sign he just blatantly ignored, he thinks he'd be cool and give me the finger.

    Now normally I would have just shaken my head and gotten on with my day. But something about this particular incident made me think "no more!"
    (I've had so many run-ins with cabbies where I've just had to bite my tongue and be done with it).

    so, being on my bike, as opposed to the restriction of a car, I pull a U-turn and pursue the ********. I over took 2 or so cars behind him, as shocked pedestrians looked on :biker:. After going past his window yelling so hard my visor was getting foggy, i pull up in front of him, open the helmet and give him another serve :furious:. The look of terror on his face when I chased him down was priceless.

    Despite the fact he probably didn't hear me very well, im sure a motorcycle pulling up in front of you, cutting you off with the rider fully blacked out making a lot of noise, with flailing limbs is enough to make any unsuspecting punk's heart skip a beat.

    My only regret (after riding away) was not getting off the bike and going up to his window.
  2. Id be careful doing that. One taxi douche who backed out of a driveway onto Millers Road Altona (2 lanes plus bike lanes and divided road) decided he would have a go at me after i hit the horn and slowed down next to him, he thought he would be a big man and threaten me through the window with a stick he has in his cab. I whipped out a 21" inch extendable ASP. He took off in a hurry. (This was quite a few years ago when i was strictly in a car, and on my way back home from an armed security job, hence the baton)
  3. No, I totally agree with you. It was pretty stupid of me to do that, as I could easily have been the one who met their match. Still felt good though :p
    I don't think I'll be making a habit of it though!
  4. mad pharkerrs are now carrying stun guns, wtf is with that gear?
  5. Thats not a bad idea. Anything to reduce the necessity to resort to potential lethal force is definantly a good thing. That being said they dont always do the job :/
  6. cabbies. Good times abound with cabbies around.

    CBD at night is a good one, especially christmas eve. They also seem to have this nasty habit of straddling multiple lanes before swerving to the kerb (no indicator) to pick up a fare.
  7. Footscray station is brilliant. You could stand at the cab rank near footscray station for an hour, and watch cabbies pick every man and his dog up from the side of that street (illegal) and yet not a single one of them will come near a queue waiting at the rank, and strangely enough, ringing the cab company just results in a "We dont have anyone in your area sorry"
  8. When they're in this mode, I usually spend more time watching the footpath thinking "If I was a taxi driver, would I pull over for that guy." than I do watching the taxi itself.
  9. Well, there's your problem to start with ;)
  10. Hahah no arguments there. I avoid the place like the plague. You know youre an adult when you drive there on your Ps for the first time, get guided into a carpark by a junkie, then asked what youre chasing.
  11. Totally agree... I do that when I'm in the Sydney CBD at night.

    Had my first near miss upon returning to bikes with a taxi doing a U-turn in front of me to get to the bozo who stick his hand up for a cab on my side of the road. Nothing like sliding the bike into the hypotenuse formed between the gutter and the cab on a damp road to get the heart rate going! These days, if a pedestrian in the CBD so much as twitches, I cover my brakes and start planning an exit route.