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Maxi Scooters?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Sams, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience/opinions on maxi scooters, like the Suzuki Burgman or Yamaha Majesty?

    I'm trying to sell my little 150cc and hoping to trade up to a 400cc.

    Any thoughts?


  2. Sam I ride with a broadly-based church group of riders out of Nowra, NSW, among others. We're mostly old fogies; the oldest is in his early 70s and has a mint K100 BMW.

    But in the group are two ladies who ride one of each of the scooters you've mentioned.

    We've been on several highway rides, and apart from long hills, they keep up the posted speed pace with the best of us. Worth considering....
  3. Sam,

    also the Yamaha T-Max has had many good reviews.

    I havent ridden very many large capacity maxi's but one thing i do know is that the Suzi Burgman is absolutely huge. I think it would be great for the long distance country cruise but would be a bit limiting in the city.

    Let us know how you go.
  4. Hey Duffman

    Funny you mention that the burgman is huge - it's only marginally larger than the majesty. I've sat on one of the new majestys and I have to say, it's quite a bit bigger than the 150 I ride.

    It always makes me wonder why they can't make a bigger CC scooter without having to make it a huge bike. I mean, they make huge CC motorbikes, but they are still able to lane split and move through traffic??

    Anyone care to comment, maybe explain why scooters are such hulking beasts compared to the same CC in a motorbike?
  5. Sam, I'm currently running in a new Burgman 250 (my 1st scoot)
    Checked at the dealer, and they made sense to me in reccomending the Suzi over the Yam
    (fuel injection, slightly more underseat space, similar price, 'later' design)
    Either probably quite OK.

    Coming off bikes (~literally!), I like the frame-mounted engine, 'proper'
    bike switchgear, and decent suspension.
    The thing is so much more comfortable around town as well. (cf SV650)
    While not giving it the business yet, I have had several fwy runs (short)
    up to about 125kph - stable, and no problem to go that pace.
    Haven't climbed a long hill at speed, yet.

    Biggest issue so far has been 'noise' off the screen. Have tried a brand new
    (AGV) lid, but this didn't cure it. My current lid is pretty stuffed.
    Don't want to get the saw out, so will continue to experiment.

    Becos of rego (Vic), etc the $$$ saved by keeping at 250 works for me.
    If you need more grunt, the 400 is now in the shops, at a similar size.
    The 650 is a huge thing ...not for me