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maxi scooters

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chuck, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. What does everyone think of the maxi scooters .... 650 burgman .... 500 majesty ... ? I need to get back on the road but due to the permanent damage to my lower right leg it aches after being on a normal bike after a while ... so don't think i'm just being a sook ........Hey I got a limp for life due to a blind driver !!

  2. Heya Chuck, have you thought about the Yamaha T-max at all?
    It's kinda pricey but is an awesome little (actually big!!) jigger!
    I had the opportunity to ride one quite a few times when it first came to Oz a few years ago. I remember putting the first 500kms on one of the first registered in QLD.
    My overall impression after riding the scoot was one of surprise. I couldn't believe such an ungainly looking thing could be so much fun. Awesome brakes and great acceleration combined with nimble handling made for an engaging ride. Pillion comfort is fantastic and handling does not suffer with the extra person. Always had fun taking my friends for a spin. This bike would actually rate pretty highly on my list of favourite pillion carrying steeds.
    I only had a couple gripes with the bike and one was the width of the seat. It was so bulbous that it would spread your legs alot above your knees, thus making your reach to the ground worse. But then, underseat storage is the name of the game for these bikes so you gotta take the bad with the good.
    The other gripe i had was the buffeting you would receive at highway speed. As you sat in the normal position the wind would sort of come around both sides of the screen and slap you from one side to the other. Always made me feel kind of dizzy and a little 'seasick' for lack of a better word. The only solution was to crouch down a bit more which would then result in lower back stiffness and soreness.
    However apart from those quirks, i have to give the scoot two big thumbs up!
    Good luck whatever you go for, just remember to test ride before you buy.
    Cheers, Pete.
  3. A mate of mine has been looking at a Burgman and was VERY impressed when he had a ride.

    He's seriously debating between it and a VTR1000. Not sure how much of it is his missus twisting his arm about not wanting to perch on the back of the Firestorm though :p

    If only the G-Strider was out.