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Maxi Scooter vs Cruiser??? Can't decide!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by teambuci, May 28, 2010.

  1. Greetings Gents and Ladies,

    I need your help! I can't decide whether I should get a Yamaha TMAX, or small midsized cruiser like a XVS650 or M50.

    I like to have a comfortable and relaxing ride, to enjoy the surroundings. I need a bike to do riding on the highway and on the range/mountain. I like a RELAXING and COMFORTABLE ride, that can do 2-up good and well too.

    Can you experts please give me your value-added opinion?

    Thank you so much.

    God bless :nopity::angel:=D>
  2. Most people I have met on Maxi-scooters start off on the cruisers. I have never ridden a maxi personally, but I am currently in the market for one. Going to start test riding some in the near future (ie read when I get enough time to spare).. You should do the same with both cruiser and tmax.

    Do yourself a favour too, go check out all the maxi's, honda silverwing, suzi burgman, kymco xciting and the piaggio one.
  3. Pre-coffee speculation rather than hard fact, but I would think the differences between the 2 styles of bike are mainly luggage, wind protection, auto v manual, and image. Secondary differences may be mileage, insurance and resale value.

    So I'd be asking what do you want to do on the bike? Day trips or week(s) long touring? Nice weather rides or come what may?
  4. In your position I'd probably go for a maxi, as I, personally, don't think cruisers really work with less than 1000cc. Being a Suzuki man (out of all the Japanese manufacturers) I'd probably go for the Burgervan, but that's only based on having ridden in company with one that seemed to be going rather well.
  5. Tmax

    I have owned several scoots and cruisers

    I currently have a Harley but for my use a scooter is far superior

    don't discount a DN-01 far superior to pretty much all cruisers in the handling department smooth comfortable a real nice ride. But downside over a tmax there isn't any storage.

    I traded my DN-01 on a Harley recently and it was so much better and only a tad slower in a drag than my Harley and the superior road holding smoothness and economy is sadly missed. The ABS was nifty too if you ride in the wet.

    Forget the kymco but look at the silverwing and burgman too. My pick would be the 650 burgman it'll eat a stock tmax alive.
  6. Having ridden cruisers, scooters and the DN-01. The DN01 would be my choice. It handles and brakes well but does lack luggage space (although there are panniers etc available from the UK).

    Is the size dependant on LAMS? If so then go for a Maxi scooter - if not then go for the DN01 and if that doesn't appeal - get an 883 Sportster. Very upgradeable, good resale and although I hate to admit it - there really is something indefinable about Harleys - and they really are chick magnets! Bogan chicks, but still chicks... :)
  7. I will give my biased opinion def. go a cruiser, if ur thinking about an m50 don't forget Kawasaki vn900 or even yamaha's newish 950. However if u want some power (as others have mentioned) your going to have to go with something abit bigger than 800cc.
  8. Excellent advice.

    I tried sitting on the DN-01, but i felt like i had to lean forward a bit. Being 1.68m i think my reach is a bit short. But I think they styling looks really nice and futuristic. Yamaha's 950's reach was too far for me too as the seat went too far back from the handle bars for me. Checked out the burgman 650 too , but that was pretty heavy and I reckon a bit much for city communiting.

    Haven't tried the Harley 883 sportster, i'll take a look at that too. Ah and lastly, sat on the silverwing 400 but i felt that was too bulky for me too. Unfortunately due to my size i find that I need to find something that I can manueaver comfortably.

  9. i would not reccommend the harley

    it is what i have, but they require many mods to be acceptable

    you will need the Low model

    the seat is crap
    the foot controls are too close, so you then need forward controls
    there is nowhere to put anything, 2 fat people wont fit on it
    the std suspension is crap
    really crappy fuel range

    and more


    i do like mine, its a real nice bike to ride LOL

    and looks great with a few minor mods
  10. Thanks for the tip andrewd, much appreciated :)
  11. Fascinating to see that one should even be comparing the two, especially considering the amount of crap I received over here. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=108123

    I have ridden over 100,000 km on Burgman 650s. I love the beasts but it does take a while for one's mindset to over-ride the prejudices of your fellow riders.

    Once you've done a long ride though, the prejudices start to become pretty irrelevant. :cool:
  12. Yeah i've heard great things about the Burgman 650, awesome touring machines.

    Btw i think u received heaps of crap because u said that ur scooter was a cruiser... A lot of motorcyclist take pride in the fact that they ride a motorcycle, you know clutch, gears and all, so when you say ur scooter is a cruiser is like saying their crusier is a scooter, and this takes away their manhood or the association with manliness that is associated with changing gears and clutch control, so it's best not say that a scooter is a motorcycle. Not that I think it is manly to change gears or control the clutch, but that i realised riding scooters is percieved as gay, so i figured people that say that must associate the gear changing and clutch control as manly. Each to their own i guess. Some associate body building as manly, some treating a woman right as being a man, and some to changing gears and controlling the clutch.
  13. You should see the crap I cop from harley riders on my scooter!! Then again, I also cop that on the gs500 from a couple of harley riders i know...

    If I can offload the sportcity scooter soon I will be going out to buy a AN650 I think.
  14. Yeah, and people that ride naked or sports bikes payout harley / cruiser riders... it just goes round and round. When a person is insecure they need to push another down in order to lift themselves up, it makes them feel approved and good about what they do.
  15. The hardest thing about owning a scooter, is telling your parents that you are gay.
  16. The next worse thing is telling them you are dating MONKEYMAN :cheeky:
  17. My wife has a burgman 250 and loves it. She's done Reefton and the Spur, Kinglake-St Andrews and the GOR on it a few times with no problems, if somewhat slower than the bikes. I've ridden it a bit and its not too bad. Not as precise handling as a bike but its good for just cruising. Fits all her gear for a weekend away under the seat. Suspect the 400 and 650 would be better. Was in a group ride with a guy on a 650 and he held his own except for the better twisty bits. Probably the go if your not into more sporty bikes.
  18. The hardest thing about riding a Burgman is stopping yourself turning around and smiling when you blast past everyone else in the tight stuff. :)
  19. i know.
    i see a lot of scooters in the city.... and they just do it with ease.... and low maintenance, cheap insurance, incredibly frugal on fuel.
    i'm just in denial.
    still comming to terms with the fact that i probably want a scooter