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Max Helmet Age?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jimmythehuman, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Is there a limit for how old your helmet should be? I bought a new one yesterday and its made in 2006! I wish i had looked, cos not only is it old, but its busted already...anyway...wondering if there is a max age for helmet to meet design or legal standards in vicco?

  2. I think it is recommended that you should replace your helmet after 5 years of used. If it sit in storage then maybe the period is longer, I'm not sure how much longer though.
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  3. 5 years is the rule of thumb.
    Did you but it privately or from a store?
    Privately might be tough titties but from a store to for a refund
    If it is a second hand helmet and you do not know its history 100% I wouldn't be sticking it in my head.
  4. Can you tell me why not using the helmet/having it in storage make a difference? So not wearing it preserves it?
  5. Actually, just did a quick google search... RTA flyer says:
    I know of heaps of riders who don't follow this.
  6. I have a helmet here beside me that is close to twenty years old (been in storage for fourteen of those years) and the foam inside has started to noticeably disintegrate. It was most likely useless some time before I first noticed that. I'll be replacing it when I get my next bike (no I'm not using it currently). I'd agree with a 5 year rule of thumb and suggest a ten year hard limit even if it's been in storage. They all break down eventually.
  7. I believe the helmets integrity is compromised by the suns UV rays after spending time on your bonce outside, so it makes sense that a helmet, that's spent a few years in a box hasn't had the exposure unless its sat on display in the shop window in full sun.....
  8. The oils from your skin could well gradually degrade the materials as well ... possibly ... as well as the physical wear and tear of just using it.
  9. Anyone know of anyway to check? What does one watch out for?
  10. If you take your helmet off and there's crap all over your head, bin the helmet. If it smells like moldy socks, bin the helmet. If it's held together with duct tape, cracks or soft spots in the shell ... you get the idea.
  11. Haha, awesome. Thankfully, it hasn't come to that yet. I do want a new one to match my new bike's colour though ;)
  12. If you have the money it's never a bad idea to replace your helmet.
  13. Was it already busted, or did you bust it, and if so did it break because it was defective or unfit for purpose?
  14. um ... which date are you looking at? the one on the sticker on the outside or the date of manufacture on the label on the inside? And which bit of the helmet broke?
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  15. Excellent point. The latest standard is AS1698-2006. That doesn't mean it was made then! The manufacture date will be inside the helmet.
  16. The standard is as1698 (no 2006 on the SAI sticker) Date of manufacture is Aug 2006, inside the helmet.

    The bit that broke is the visor clips...its a plastic wheel with plastic tabs the visor clips into. Did i break it or did they break i am not sure, bike shops is getting the bit and i will easily fix it tomorrow.

    Not overly concerned about the age, its clearly been in a box and hasnt been handled or anything a lot...but i was getting a bit worried when i was thinking about last night, esp when i was having issues chasing the bits.

    wife loves it, she chose it over shoei and arai and all the other brands for comfort, so as long as its fixed...