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Mav, bigger & better.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mav, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. get my fulls in first week of January '12, couldn't let this opportunity pass up

    '95 Yamaha Thundercat (YZF600R)

    60-odd thousand kms. came with carry bag + rack + magnetic tank bag + single seat cowl.

    Goz came down to test ride it for me (y) he didn't want to get off it he loved the multi coloured 90s fairing theme so much

    pics to come soon

    (rushing through the house in the dark with the camera, reached out to grab the front door handle, missed, camera went down, crash, no longer working)

    mods to come:
    aftermarket xhaust


    Attached Files:

  2. Congrats, mav ! Looking fwd to seeing pics of your beast (y)
  3. Yay a new bike, bigger and better.................have fun dude and ill check it out this weekend :)

    Hey, ur not allowed to ride it till you get off ur P's :p...........in the mean time ill be doing laps around your block just to pi$$ you off :p.........
  4. wahey, nice one Mav :D
  5. I love the violent crumble colour schemes on the older Yams
  6. We had a lady Netrider many many moons ago who had a Thundercat, rode it all round the country and loved it!!! Congrats.
  7. Congrats on the new wheels, might be a tad different to the scooter you were getting around on? :)
  8. Nice one Mav
  9. You can join Mal now that you have a rainbow bike as well
  10. you can join us Mr Advanced Hair Garnier
  11. Is that wheel chair for your training wheel conversion?
  12. nah its there because my third leg makes it difficult for me to walk upright
  13. The next few weeks are gonna be a killer Mav. Congratulations on the new bike.
  14. Awesome mav, you'll love the carby brutality of the old school bikes.

    A friend of a friend gave me a ride on one of these when I was on my Ps and pretty inexperienced. I remember being scared of how heavy it was (coming from a 150 dinger), opened the taps and was yelling with excitement in my helmet. F*ck it felt ball-tearing fast. Nice upgrade mate!
  15. yeah Goz has warned me about the "turbo lag" when cracking the throttle...lol maybe i can help the council out with some new line markings
  16. I just looked at the pics Mav... (was testing out Tapatalk on the iPhone yesterday). Yup, you compliment AznCruiser with that colour scheme albeit not quite in the "Gay Pride" manner.

    PS. Love the how she's lock up - hope that post isn't rotten.
  17. Awesome bike, i love that 90's style,
  18. i hope it is...i'm likely to forget to undo the cable lock and ride off with it still locked on!!...

    which i did on the scooter the other day and ripped the air valve off the front tyre off my bike...great so now my front tire is flat. oh well, makes it easier to not ride it if the tire is flat. lol
  19. lost your licence yet?
  20. wow, I think I looked at that bike on Bikesales a month or two ago. Nice work.